A Second Look



Further to  yesterday’s post that possibly identified a second man in cctv footage of Trevor Deely’s last moments.

An update concerning this second man and his apparent misidentification in Donal MacIntyre’s 2015 documentary on Trevor’s disappearance.

Yesterday: A Second Man

Thanks Mark Kilbride and David Lester Mooney




Author, researcher and photo analyst Leroy Blevins Sr combs over the cctv footage released last week in some detail and in, an an update (above), shares his thoughts the second man discovered in Donal MacIntyre’s documentary.



And a third man…

Thanks Mark and David

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16 thoughts on “A Second Look

  1. Joachim Gillespie

    That’s very disappointing and disheartening that Donal McIntyre has the basics such as that completely wrong. I know he isn’t going for a Pulitzer prize but at least get the basics right.

  2. Mary Jane

    Wow, now it’s starting to make sense. The two men were obviously casing BOIAM, perhaps with a view to getting inside or waiting to receive something. Most likely Trevor was attacked on Wilton Terrace as the whole Haddington Road route back to Serpentine Avenue in Sandymount made no sense at all.

    1. Saturday Night Newsround

      But he appears on the video for Haddington Road… unless you think that’s not him in the video?

  3. Anon

    Am I correct in thinking that only the still is shown in McIntyre’s doc. The footage it’s pulled from is not shown.

    Can somebody tweet him and ask him where he got it? Did he see the original footage? If he had the footage why would he only show the still? (I don’t have a twitter account.)

  4. Oneilla

    The Guards had the footage all these years. Unnamed “Garda sources” are quite close to the media – just look at the recent reporting on Trevor’s case with unnamed Garda source saying that the Case could be changed to a suspicious death investigation.

    Not too hard to imagine how the a still image made itself way to a Donal and his “cold case” team

  5. Gary

    It only takes a minute to set up a twitter account so I would suggest you tweet him asking him how he could get it so wrong. Great stuff by Broadsheet. This is fascinating stuff and I feel so sorry for the family.

    1. Bodger

      Gary, Mark Kilbride one of the makers of the video (top) DM-ed Donal on Wednesday night but has not heard back yet.

  6. Peter Dempsey

    So where did yer man Cummins get the info about Peter the security guard? Surely he wouldn’t have appeared on the CCTV because he was inside the main door?

    1. Saturday Night Newsround

      He should have been on the CCTV taking the chains off the gate? Or at least should have seen the guy outside during that period?

  7. Lorcan Malone

    This is incredible. Looks like the Gardai missed this completely. No mention of a second man in any of their communications on this case.
    Can this be sent to the family? It’s extremely important. I would also be insisting that this US investigator shown here is given full access to all footage asap
    Great work Bodger.

  8. Oneilla

    There was a third man in that laneway with those other two – Ponta Six has a new video about it

    1. Peter Dempsey

      Some people are suggesting it’s two people under the umbrella. Can’t see it myself. Could they be passers-by? And if so, what made them stop and look?

  9. Adam Byrne

    The whole thing gets weirder and weirder – and yet neither the police or the mainstream media seem to be interested; they’re completely ignoring requests from members of the public through various media to pass comment on there ‘new’ images. Unless of course something is going on behind the scenes and we haven’t been updated (yet).

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