Flipping Hell


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In today’s Irish Times.

A two-bed terraced house in East Wall, Dublin 3.

East Wall’s gentrification continues. The soon-to-happen move by tech giant Facebook, from south of the river in established and international-in-feel Hanover Quay north to East Wall, a proper Dublin community with a personality riveted together by its hardworking docker heritage.

… Property prices are rising rapidly but none have quite scaled the heights of 107 Church Road. This property sold for €135,500 in June 2015.

The house needed complete modernisation and it was Adrian Richards of Claremont Construction who extended it by adding a two-storey extension, making it about a third bigger. He says he’s spent €200,000 on the refurbishment. It now measures 192sq m/2,066sq ft and is back on the market, asking €525,000.

Richards has 25 years’ experience in flipping houses.

Big little home in the city for €525,000 (Irish Times)

Pics: Daft.ie

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35 thoughts on “Flipping Hell

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Erudite and insightful contribution there. We’re all lucky to have you illuminate this website with your colourful and original posts. :D You utter dullard.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          And another zinger! You’re really showing us all what great posting is here. You should compile all these sentence fragments you call posts into a book. We’d all definitely buy it because we all love your work here.

          1. jungleman

            Do you just spend every day spouting your drivel on broadsheet Moyest? You know, there are jobs in Ireland now. You don’t have to continue contributing nothing to society.

    1. paul

      was thinking the same. They’ve done great work but it’s still in East Wall, still a dinky house and definitely not worth over 500k. Better to rent it out and have nobody show interest until it’s settled around 1k a month.

      1. Doug

        Viewed 23 portobello rd a few weeks ago. Similar story, bought for €250k last May, done an incredible refurb and were asking for €695k. Great money if you have the means.
        I had no intention of buying, was just robbing interiors ideas.

        1. paul

          :) renting and viewing other apartments/houses have pretty much done all my interior design for the next decade. Open plan or death.

    2. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Yep, worked in east wall for 16 years, we were tormented with break ins and broken windows, wouldn’t be rushing to buy there based on that

      1. realPolithicks

        I hope you’re not implying that garda crime statistics might somehow be eh…incorrect or anything like that!

    1. Joxer

      @junkface. i lived there for 30 years (born there too) and our gaff was never broken into nor can i recall any friends family homes getting broken into. on the other hand where i am now in a ‘leafier’ suburb there are break-ins every month that i hear about.

      1. Bort

        Here’s the thing, I grew up in a fairly dodgy council estate and I won’t say we were never robbed but not much in 27 years. My neighbours also born and bred in the estate were never hassled but over the years new people came and went quite often and were not left unscathed. Some were pretty much run out. When the houses started being sold off privately in the late 90’s some new families were terrorised, while myself and the “lived here all our lives” crowd never had any hassle.

        1. Percival

          That’s because the “lived here all our lives” crowd are the ones causing the problems for all the newcomers and any nearby nicer housing estates.

          I live in a lovely old red brick private housing estate near a large council estate. Little scumbags try their luck every second day in our area looking for bikes, easy pickings. Two of them got a good hiding last year when two builders caught them robbing tools. Good enough for them. A beating is what they deserve. It’s what they got in the 80s and cops approved.

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    It’s an actual monopoly house.

    I was playing drunk monopoly last night. Could you tell?

  2. Mourinho

    Buy, invest, improve and hope for a profit.
    Fair play to him.

    Nicely done too. BER is poor though.

    1. Doug

      C2 is not bad at all. A’s are a mythical fantasy and B’s are few and far between.
      I lived in a refurbed C3 until recently and it was very cosy. Marks are dropped on BER certs for some silly reasons

  3. ahjayzis

    Is it really just ‘flipping’ when the end result substantially increases the size and completely refurbs the place? He’s genuinely added value to it, it’s gorgeous.

    1. Kieran Nice Young Chap


      It’s lovely. Not ‘200k over and above what he put into it’ lovely, but lovely none the less.

      Well-managed gentrification can do wonders for an area.

  4. Joxer

    The Chipper used to be Andreceutti’s and the house in the picture was where the Andreceuttis used to live… the red building beside the house was a harware store wilkinsons obviously knocked down and that house built on the plot.

    heres a little site thats run by east wallers…. http://eastwallforall.ie/

  5. Common Projekts

    525 in East Wall? Insane. Speaking from too much experience, the place is still a bit of a ghetto. Plenty of good new and old people, but some complete and utter spides too.

  6. Barry the Hatchet

    What is “a proper Dublin community”, please? Are country people and foreigners not welcome? Are only the working class allowed in?

    1. Doood

      Nooooo, proper old community is an “authentic” working class community. Salt of de earth types like old mr Brennan. Its a kind of a fantasy that agents try to create and yuppies buy in to. Middle classes move in and convince themselves they’re part of this thriving little old community and stop oul mr Brennan for a chat about the rare oul times in old doublin towin. They’re then shocked when oul mr B tells them where to go and their bikes are stolen from the garden.
      You often see these people featured in the property pages desperately trying to offload their ‘cool’ city pad in some ‘quaint’ community. The despair in their face is always transparent.
      See Rialto, dolphins barn….most of D8 actually, the batter, north wall, east wall, NCR etc

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