Hot Thursday



Doritos ‘Baby Dragon’ (top)


Kate Sculthorpe at Doritios, writes:

A bold snacking experience is set to ignite Irish taste buds this spring, Doritos have unleashed TWO dual-flavored tortilla chip flavours – BBQ and Chipotle Cream The new Doritos TV advert features the Doritos ‘Baby Dragon’ character, because as with the dual flavour Doritos Heatburst chips, you just don’t know when #HeatWillCome with a Baby Dragon!

Lovely. Any packets going free for a competition?

How many packets of crisps would you need?

Maybe three packets?

We can give you 4 packets (2 of each flavour) of the new Doritos Heatburst.

Thank you very much.

We have FOUR packets (2 of each flavour) of the new Doritos Heatburst to giveaway.

To enter, please complete this sentence

‘The hottest thing I have ever eaten was_______________________’

Lines MUST close at 6.15pm MIDNIGHT!

Recognisable food sources only.


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26 thoughts on “Hot Thursday

  1. Dhaughton99

    4 packets of crisps for a shill post?

    I have FIVE, you heard me, *FIVE* (5) packets (2 of cheese and onion and 3 roast chicken flavour) of the Lidl Heart Burn variety to giveaway.

    To enter, please complete this sentence

    ‘The most repulsive and morally wrong thing I have ever put in my mouth was_______________________’

    Lines MUST close at 6.15pm.

    **Please don’t include the word ‘Doritos’.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Yeah, but you chose to give Doritos advertorial, space on your platform, for 4 packets of crisps. I mean, if it was an Irish start up or something, fine, but you gave free editorial space to *Doritos* for 4 packets of crisps. Genuinely, that’s a strange decision for more than one reason.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Semi seriously though, “Bodger”, you help devalue advertising rates and make it harder for other publishers to keep their heads above water with this kind of thing.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Trolling. Persistent trolling.

          It’s almost an in-joke now. Like Drunk Uncle Pat’s sad boogie-ing to Abba at all the weddings.

        2. jeremy kyle

          I still think that should be marked as sponsored content, he’s always got some sort of product slapped up in the thumbnail.

          But, i’m not gonna pretend I don’t get a small degree of enjoyment from hating on LJG.

          I’m a small man in some ways, Bart. A small, petty man.

  2. Bluehaven

    The most repulsive and morally wrong thing I have ever put in my mouth was my own Taco warmer.

  3. Anomanomanom

    The hottest thing iv ever eaten was a simple stew. Now I say stew but it was an Indian soup. I foolishly told my Indian friend,with my big balls flapping like I was a big man, that Indian food was not hot enough for me. So he made me a Indian meal with what he called a little heat, I got the soup down… burned even when peeing.

  4. POC

    The hottest thing I have ever eaten was a BBQ chicken skewer. I made it myself too which is the worst part of the whole thing, combined the rub ingredients, threw in extra chilli powder cos I like a bit of spice, lashed them on the chicken, onto the BBQ they went, fantastic. The first bite seemed grand, a little bit of sweetness, not too much heat then suddenly my whole face was sweating and my tongue was on fire. Everyone else recoiled saying they were too hot but I had to be the hardman and proceeded to finish mine. This is also the dumbest thing I have done as my tongue was numb all evening and I couldnt taste things properly for a few days.

  5. Kolmo

    The hottest thing I have ever eaten was Sezchuan Chicken in Midleton, Cork last week – I was suffering with a headcold at the time, it was tasty until the chili related numbness set in, I got through it though, grand. Later in the evening I happened to sneeze (due to the aforementioned head-cold) and a feeling of horrific regret that set-in faster than light travels through a vacuum became apparent.
    Pleasant, it was not, fortunately I had retired for the evening instead of going to the hotel jacuzzi as was previously cheerfully suggested by colleagues.
    A major catastrophe was quietly avoided and not mentioned at breakfast.
    The poor fools, they never knew how close they came to the ‘Ol Sezchuan Chili Back Blast of ’17

  6. Zena

    The hottest thing I have eaten was a whole raw onion followed by two a challenge with my twelve year old nephew. He won of course and didn’t even have a sip of water until afterwards as I lay in a heap wimpering with a burning face and mouth.

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