Broadsheet on the Telly Tonight



Any skins?

Broadsheet on the Telly streams LIVE above and on our YouTube channel at 11.45 tonight.

To celebrate 420, we will be having a chat about marijuana, reefer madness and the medicinal properties of the ‘erb.

We’ll also discuss nuns.

Spark up a fattie and join us and if you would like to take part in future shows please send short bio to

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49 thoughts on “Broadsheet on the Telly Tonight

          1. Brother Barnabas

            first question, anne, was asking about balance + perspective

            second comment was welcoming izzy’s participation

            but sure you keep jumping to cynical conclusions, odious little cretin that you are

  1. bisted

    …thanks for explaining the 420 reference to this non-stoner…I’m more of a 314 man myself…

  2. bisted

    …well BS…for just the second time since you started I’ll miss tonight’s Broadsheet on Telly…can’t listen to stoners but thanks for the heads-up…heads…up…no…I’ll get my toke…

    1. Bodger

      Bisted, the panel will also be discussing the National Maternity Hospital and the Sisters of Charity.

        1. bisted

          …remember once in a taxi from town a call came for someone to pick up the Sisters of Charity from an address near mine…my driver said he would pick up in 5 minutes…he laughed and explained that the Sisters were really sisters… who worked together as prostitutes…

  3. Anne

    Can I make a suggestion here?

    Can ye try and separate the discussion about medical marijuana (THC oil/CBD Oil) and recreational use.
    I think it’s only fair to those fighting for the medical stuff for serious illnesses that it works for.

    I think the legalisation of a drug that can have a huge effect on symptoms for those with a serious condition such as MS or epilespy, is worth taking more seriously, than those who want to ‘spark up a fattie’ like. Just sayin’.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Great suggestion Anne.

      For myself, I support full legalisation of it. I think it’s the way forward. However, more important than that is allowing medical access to those who will feel real benefit and understanding that, while connected, these are two very different issues.

        1. Zena

          @ Anne

          You’d be a great addition, Anne, you’re so well informed and have a great empathy for the underdog, in so many stories on BS.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            just have to figure out how to cut and paste in a verbal dicussion and she’d be great


    You are entitled to any stance you aant tto take on cannabis, but to try to make a distinnctionn that isn’t thhere between what YOU classify as medicinal and what shoukd be classed as mediccinal is a very different two things.
    Most people I know smoke. Ages range from 18 to 60+.

    They dont do it to break the law.
    They do it to chill out, to cope with modern day’s pressures. You shouldn’t need a doctor’s prescription for that.
    You should be allowed to grow a natural plant. Full stop.
    Take it back from the dealers… it’s a fupping plant. It grows anywhere.

    Don’t get me started on the values of hemp.

  5. clickmyname.

    I’m looking forward to someone turning up tonight with a feasible option beyond deregulation.
    I’m not expcting it to happen.

    I wish I could be there.
    I’ll be in the YouTube comments. My name is Tony Smyth.

    FUAnne. ;-)

  6. clickmyname.

    If you don’t smoke, and that’s why you think it should stay illegal, except under medicinal circumstances you barely understand beyond what you read…
    You should move to Alabama, baby.
    They have a great movement there that excels in moving backwards. You’d fit in if you stay off the sunbed.

  7. mildred st. meadowlark

    You can legally be prescribed something like methadone, a highly dangerous and addictive substance, as pain relief, yet if you use cannabis similarly -a naturally occuring source of pain relief, a bloody plant, for christ sake- you break the law. I honestly cannot understand this.

    There are some serious risks associated with taking methadone. The list of side-affects is huge and can have serious consequences to your long term health.

    I’m not saying there are no risks associated with taking cannabis, but it is a far more benign drug than methadone, or some of the other forms of pain relief out there.

    1. Under Mi Sleng T'ing

      The BIGGEST risk with imbibing in a likkle bitta herb has always getting caught by the Garda.

      The law is wrong.
      Break the law.

      oh jeezus… I wish I could partake in the panel tonight.
      I truly do.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        that has changed, though. if you’re growing at home for your own use, you’re alright


    Forget The Smoking.
    Izzy is absolutely killing it tonight.

    You put Johnny K in second place, and that means something.
    You go…

  9. Under Mi Sleng T'ing

    That was the best one ever.
    Thank you to everone involved.

    I expected a bit more 420-related stuff, and thank you Johnny for doing your best. (I laughed at you going to the jacks @ 00:43… You must’ve been bursting! I laughed afain when I saw you keeping that thing open to get the smell out. That was funny.

    But at the end of the day, Izzy killed it.
    I love you Izzy, more than I love Johnny. XXXXXX

  10. jusayinlike

    PS Thank you John for mentioning the jesuit infiltration outfit opus die..

    And their blatant proxy fine gael..

  11. Janet, I ate my avatar

    well done everyone
    Izzy you’re an inspiration
    playing catch up instead of working
    sure it’s time we’ll spent

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