The Lady’s Not For Turning



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Robert writes:

Lady Liberty holds the torch in her right hand, and not her left hand. Now is this for the obvious design reason, or is Aer Lingus providing some social commentary on the current flipped nature of the USA?

Taking liberties, that’s what.


Suit yourselves.

Aer Lingus

18 thoughts on “The Lady’s Not For Turning

  1. Starina

    it’s intuitive to have her facing inward but they somehow didn’t think anyone would notice the flipped image.

    1. SomeChump

      Don’t know what “facing inward” here. It seems they wanted the text on the left which makes sense as we read left to right and left aligned text would be neater. That meant they had to flip the image so that the statue was not in the place where they wanted the text. Simple as that, no intuition needed.

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