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  1. Alt Henry Woods

    And now, the weather for Wednesday.
    The weather will be nice.
    Goodnight Tuesday.

      1. Lord Snowflakee

        Particularly the one about Kendall Jenner.

        Does anyone know who that Bella one is? If so please send her celly.

  2. classter

    Is TM really as completely in-over-her-head as she appears?

    Or am I missing some masterful long game?

    1. Twunt

      She is totally out of her depth. She saw an opportunity to become PM by adopting a position that is contrary to her beliefs. The little Englanders think she can stick it to the EU. The want to dine at the restaurant, use the leisure facilities, have a few drinks at the bar, kip in a room for a bit, but the don’t want to pay.

      1. Otis Blue

        The Brits look woefully unprepared and May’s tactic to be a ‘bloody difficult woman’ is just lamentable.

        This is going to be grisly.

    2. Lord Snowflakee

      It’s all smokes and mirrors.

      For one thing this kind of poo plays well in Tory-centric middle England.

      Also, she’s currently campaigning in a general election.

      Any aul cant she says these days has to be also savoured with a spoon of the sodium chloride because of that.

      1. Clampers Outside

        College educated violent numpty scum many of them.

        That college Prof in the US who got unmasked online after clocking a guy on the head with a bicycle u-lock in UC Berkeley should be doing time with any luck :/

        1. Harry Molloy

          delighted to hear they found that guy, he used that lock like a hammer against yer mans head, could have caved his skull in, obviously smart enough to know better so I hope he’s properly punished

        2. classter

          ‘College educated’

          A) Is this true? Do you have a source?

          B) Even if it was, what is the significance of mentioning it? Almost half of French 25-34 year olds have tertiary education.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Fascists hate educated people. They’re always towards the top of the hitlist. I think the number of teachers arrested shortly after the “attempted coup” in Turkey a couple of years ago was in the hundreds. Only last week the head of the NRA rallied against “academic elites”. Fascists hate educated people.

          2. Clampers Outside

            True, that’s why antifa are anti-freespeech because they dislike anything that deviates from the collective mindset abd deem anything not part of it as ‘bad’… ’cause they are dumb as fupp.

          3. Clampers Outside

            Look ’em up.

            There’s the Prof who attempted murder with a bicycle lock in UC Berkley. He’s educated isn’t he. One of many in the US…. I believe.
            And then you’ve all their dumb students who follow their nonsense…

            I will look further as best I can. I’m not saying all of them. Only so many have been revealed to date, and those exposed are college educated.

          1. Clampers Outside

            It’s the new regressive left, anti-fascists are the new fascists.

            Who was it said, “when fascism comes…it will come as anti-fascism”
            I believe it’s a paraphrase of a Huey Long quote.

          2. Nigel

            Robustly opposing fascists and neo-Nazis is surely not the same as setting some poor gendarme on fire, a horrific act. And if you’re brave enough to robustly oppose fascists and neo-Nazis by swinging bicycle locks at people’s unprotected heads, you’re brave enough to face the legal consequences, while pointing out that your victim’s treatment is, at least, covered by Obamacare.( I’ve no idea if that last part is true, but it would be typical for these crazy days.)

          3. Clampers Outside

            These are antifa scum. You support them or not. None o’ your half hearted leftist claptrap.

            You support antifa or not?

            Clearly I do not. Do you support antifa?

          4. Clampers Outside

            …that comment Nigel is quite disgusting.

            There was nothing brave in a balaclava laden college professor jumping into a crowd and swinging a bicycle lock at a man’s head.

            Your flippant Obamacare comment at the end is disgusting mate. It tells me you support these scum… it sure looks that way please tells I’m wrong.

            Condemn it, without the ‘its OK but’ bit

          5. Listrade

            I can’t condone violence, but sometimes diplomacy doesn’t work. In the end, the only way to stop fascist Roderick Spode after reasoning and diplomacy failed was for Dahlia Travers hit him.

          6. Clampers Outside

            Antifa tried diplomacy? When?

            They did no such thing when they run their anti-freespeech riots. I wouldn’t expect them to have used diplomacy elsewhere. Do you have any citation for their attempts at diplomacy?
            I don’t expect there are any, in fairness. They’re just a rabble bunch of rioters from the action seen of them.

          7. Lord Snowflakee

            I see some jibber-jabber as usual here from the usual, dribbling, mealy-mouthed reactionary suspects, empty vessels make the most noise as the old saw goes…

            Irrespective of what transpired the cop is trained as an anti-riot specialist to withstand this kind of attack and gets paid accordingly, that’s his/her job. You’d have to question the sanity in the first place of the type of person who wants to do that for their occupation but leaving that aside for a minute, my comment is that if you go out on patrol wearing riot gear you are already prepared in your mind for whatever comes.

          8. Harry Molloy

            what are you even trying to say? because he is in riot gear then a riot is permissible?

            you’ll be saying a woman in a short skirt is inviting rape next

          9. Listrade

            @clampers read Nigel’s comment again. Particularly the “horrific act” bit. Then read the rest in the context of Nigel’s usual content which is an opinion sprinkled with some humour and satire.

            Then take a breath.

            Then probably read it again.

            The hopefully see you may have overreacted. Possibly even been triggered.

          10. Clampers Outside

            Bullpoo, he’s making excuses for a group he supports.

            if not, then maybe he can respond himself. As for you… plse see end of my own comment, he hasn’t answered my question hoping that I am wrong about him…

          11. Clampers Outside

            I’ve read a few times.

            There is no sarcasm/ satire / anything but the direct meaning of what he has written with regard to calling that scumbag “brave”.

            if any part of that was satire it’s the worst ever, or its being claimed to be after the fact, which I believe is most likely, in fairness.

          12. Nigel

            Haha what a pile of dribbling horsecrap, Lord Snowflake! Policemen in riot gear are basically asking to be set on fire! Lord Snowflake got up in the morning and dressed for the day and a bad thing happened to them and it was their own fault for getting out of bed and preparing for the day! What sort of insane person gets out of bed and dresses for the day when so much bad stuff happens in the day? Lord Snowflake should have been prepared in their mind for it!

          13. Lord Snowflakee

            wow some of you guys are really far out

            I haven’t the time to be bothered responding to yous, frankly

          14. Clampers Outside

            I did.

            I believe u were serious when u said that scumbag was “brave”.

            I’d bet u think that other antifa scumbag ‘Moldylocks’, as she’s been called, is innocent too…

          15. MoyestWithExcitement

            “You support antifa or not?”

            What sort of shameful lowlife would not support anti fascists?

          16. Clampers Outside

            Nigel doesn’t either…. so he said below that I was wrong to think he does support antifa.

            Doesn’t look like Rotide or Happy do either….

            I take it you support antifa then. Sad fupp

          17. Nigel

            ‘hoping that I am wrong about him…’

            The sun rises in the east, and you are wrong.

          18. know man is an island

            It was hard figuring out who was the dumbest commenter in this thread.

          19. Nigel

            ‘if any part of that was satire it’s the worst ever, or its being claimed to be after the fact, which I believe is most likely, in fairness.’

            In fairness I forgot what you were like and therefore didn’t sprinkle liberally with LOLs to signpost the cunningly concealed tone of irony and what we humans like to call ‘humour.’

            But feck you for calling me a liar I guess.

          20. Nigel

            ‘Antifa tried diplomacy? When? ‘

            I believe it was in Is It Time To Accelerate The Downfall Of Late Stage Capitalism Already, Jeeves?

    1. Lord Snowflakee

      They would definitely be one of the main suspects in any reasonable person’s mind.

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