The Darkest Hour



Free Friday?

A fundraising sale of dramatic images of Dublin at night by Andy Sheridan (no stranger to ‘sheet readers) in aid of suicide charity Pieta House.

Via The Irish Times:

And so to the idea of doing something for Pieta House this weekend. As Andy Sheridan says, everyone has their reasons when it comes to Darkness Into Light. His come from the death of his brother Seán, who took his own life in 2015. None of this is explainable, none of it is easy. You do what you can do.

And for this week, in this place, this is what Andy Sheridan can do. Show 36 photos of Dublin in darkness, shards of lights poking and flashing here and there, in the hope that people will like them and buy them and help lighten some of the load carried every day by Pieta House.

“He had his reasons, I guess,” Andy says of his brother. “Though that’s of little consolation. I, and everyone else who knew him, still keenly feel the pain and chaos that continue to reverberate from that burst of dark energy. Which is why I have decided to try, in my way, to do something to help.”

Dublin after dark: one photographer’s journey around the city (Malachy Clerkin, Irish Times)

Andy Sheridan Photography (Facebook)

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  1. ineverthoughtidenduphere

    Must desaturate all images & add ‘lens light’ flares to cover image. Tip, reduce artifact setting to 0 and lose the fake bokeh in post production.

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