I’m Walking Here



This afternoon

Civic office, Wood Quay, Dublin

Above from left,  Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect, Paul Keogh, lead architect, Paul Keogh Architects and Edward Jones, Dixon Jones Architects, launch the design of the proposed new civic plaza at College Green, Dublin 2.

A flagship project in the implementation of the City Council’s public realm strategy, the College Green development will remove through traffic from the area.

Subject to planning permission from An Bord Pleanála, construction is scheduled to commence in January 2018, to coincide with the start of operations on the LUAS cross-city line in December.


Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

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58 thoughts on “I’m Walking Here

  1. Brother Barnabas

    Hub of anti-social behaviour at one end of Dame Street, manic traffic congestion at the other. Sounds great.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      You’re one of the reasons that Dublin is a mess. Try and make any sort of change and you only see the negative.

        1. Vote Rep #1

          Oh look, its Dav with a typical nothing response.

          Criticising someone for only trying to find the negative to pedestrianing a nice bit of the city is defiantly Bertie-eque. We should do away with the pedestrianisation of Grafton St as well, get more cars on the road.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        oh, so you think Dublin’s a mess, do you?

        why don’t you fupp off Cardiff?

        1. Vote Rep #1

          Are you calling me Cardiff?

          Yes, I do think it is a bit of a mess. I live and work in it. I love it but can see that the traffic is a disaster, it is difficult for people to walk around, it is even more difficult for people in wheelchairs or with buggies and there is not much open space. It needs better public transport, better traffic management and more pedestrianisation.

          Or do nothing and then moan if anyone tries to improve it.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            You’re kind of missing the point – great ideas poorly implemented and tragically neglected after all the PR heads have moved on is DCC’s speciality. The boardwalk is a perfect example. The what-it-will-look-like illustrations of College Green Plaza are exciting, but anyone who lives in, works in or visits the city knows it won’t be like that. It’ll become another place to avoid at night. DCC need to shoe that they’re capable of maintaining an initiative like this before I’ll welcome it.

    2. martco

      dontcha worry Brother Barnabas
      sure will all be grand, by the time this comes to pass we’ll be long gone and the kids kids will be scooting around in their vegan hovermobiles like the jetsons or somethin

    3. classter

      If you are going to make criticism, it should be more specific and more useful, BB

      As it is, it comes across as kvetching.

      1. Holden MaGroin

        NORTH AMERICANinformal
        gerund or present participle: kvetching
        complain persistently.
        “Jane’s kvetching about her crummy existence”

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I have never driven a car in Dublin
    however this looks great on paper

  3. tommy d

    stephens green to abbey st 1.5/2km of luas track. construction time 3years and counting

    1. dav

      no completion date on their website either, just a vague “end of the year” blurb

      1. Cian

        Yes, they have to test it, and until you test something there may be issues. Which need to be fixed.

      2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        My bus has been diverted because of it. It always said end of 2017 as the finish date.

    1. dav

      yes, they are following the plans for Eyre square in Galway, expect a load of palms to be well greased before a hole is dug.

  4. veritas

    The picture showing two cyclists walking is not facing reality,mark out a safe cycle route and let people use it to commute, if they expect cyclists to walk they will only prevent cycle access to the area.

      1. Spud

        It does according to the pics I see.
        cycle lanes running along side the luas track from left to right, then also to the left of the row of trees in the 2nd pic.

  5. Grace

    This all looks lovely and very European etc – but where are all the Dublin Buses going to go –
    That area is full of them on a daily basis. Will the council just magic those routes away?

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      They go down Nassau St and around onto Westmoreland via Pearse St like they bloody well have to do now anyway.

      1. Cian

        But the outbound (south) ones go down College St, past Trinity and onto Nassau St. (4, 7, 25, 46A, 145, …)
        And the outbound (west) ones go down College St, and turn at Trinity onto Dame St. (13, 40, 49, 65, …)

        Where will they go?

  6. Jake38

    It would be lovely in a civilised European city. Say Lisbon or Ghent. Here, it will be a sea of screaming junkies in no time.

  7. Rugbyfan

    out of picture, scoats walking along in their grey tracksuit pants looking for stuff to stroke and al’

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      they could fork out on a real police force and some quality social services

  8. theflorist

    listen, away with your European style of city, we want cars, 1916 didn’t happen so progressive thinker could come up with plans to enhance Dubliners way of life. down with this sort of thing.

  9. Gorev Mahagut

    Ban all motorised vehicles from the city centre (except buses and emergency services). And bring back the horses. Goods can be brought to depots and transferred to wagons for delivery to locations inside the city. People can be brought around in horse-drawns cabs. The streets can be re-pedestrianised.

    Imagine the quiet. Imagine the fresh air. And, obviously, the smell of horse poo.

    1. scottser

      well if you get your horse drawn cabs, i want the free availability of class a drugs.

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      horses cause a terrible din and lots of poo
      much as I love them

  10. scottser

    it’s a bit too clean for my liking. needs more vomit and the stench of wee for the authentic dublin ‘experience’

    1. Otis Blue

      Don’t worry.

      Ireland doesn’t not do public realm well. The Local Authority here produced some impressive plans for an enhanced streetscape. Lovely, it looked. Many, many months later and with much money spent, quite a few of the local retailers were on the cusp of going out of business as the work dragged on. Works were finally completed in the last year and fine and all as it looked at its official opening, the intervening months have not been kind. Assorted spew, accumulated filth and gawk pebble dash the once and briefly impressive footpaths. The Local Authority has not once saw fit to clean it. Shur it’ll be grand.

      They got an award for the works too. Which was nice.

      1. classter

        ‘Ireland doesn’t not do public realm well.’

        Keep telling yourself this. You’ll even make it true.

  11. Painkiller

    there must be a deal in specsavers – buy one pair of Hogwart’s glasses, get one free.

  12. arabella

    With horse-poo comes beautiful roses so at at least this plan will leave something

  13. Holden MaGroin

    Hey guys, you know the way the Luas works are taking a really long time? The minute we’re finished we should add on some more work which will probably necessitate digging up that bit right outside Trinity college.

    Yeah, cool.

  14. Holden MaGroin

    The length of time this is taking is embarrassing. I walked down Hawkins street over the course of several days recently where I witnessed the builders pulling up some of the new paving stones that they already put down.

    Why is this taking so long?

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