Permission To Land


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Chief Operating Officer at St Vincent’s University Hospital Kay Connolly; Minister for Health Simon Harris TD; and Dr Rhona Mahony, National Maternity Hospital master


At 5pm.

Is the deadline for submissions to An Bord Pleanála over the building of the new National Maternity Hospital on the St Vincent’s site in Elm Park, Dublin.

On March 10, the Minister for Health Simon Harris announced that the application was made.

On the same day, Paul Cullen, in The Irish Times, reported:

The move follows the resolution of an 18-month dispute between the two institutions over governance of the new hospital and the recent decision by An Bord Pleanála that the development constitutes strategic infrastructure and can therefore be fast-tracked through the planning process.

Despite this, on May 2, Taoiseach Enda Kenny told the Dáil:

While a planning application has not yet been lodged for the proposed new maternity hospital on the St. Vincent’s University Hospital complex, the proposed structure guarantees that the very best facilities will be available for expectant mothers that one would expect to see in the early part of this century.

After the application was made in March, An Bord Pleanála wrote to Dublin City Council for its views on the application.

The proposed building will be 10m higher than the height permitted (24m), under the Dublin City Development Plan.


Olivia Kelly, in The Irish Times, reports:

Three buildings on the St Vincent’s site already exceed the maximum permitted heights for the area: the clinical services building at just under 36m, the Nutley Wing at 40m and the private hospital building at more than 45m tall.”

“…Due to the presence of existing taller buildings the council had determined that the application did not contravene the city development plan.”

“However it said, even if the board determined that the building did not comply with the city development plan, it could still grant permission for the hospital, due to its veto powers under the planning acts.”

An Bord Pleanála is due to make a decision on the application by September 11, 2017.


In the latest edition of The Phoenix magazine…


Council backs maternity hospital move despite building height (Olivia Kelly, Irish Times)

Dáil transcript:

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34 thoughts on “Permission To Land

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Sorry, but Ms Mahony is clearly too embedded with the money mill. I’m sorry to say it, because I think more women should be in positions of authority – but women can “go native” just the same as men. Profoundly disappointed in this advancement over the public good attitude.

    1. Topsy

      Who’s paying for her ” because I’m worth it” top up. €300 not enough.

  2. newsjustin

    The new hospital needs to be those 10 metres taller to accommodate the basilica, novitiate and……..

    Oh. I’ve said too much. Never mind.

  3. phil

    And I think you would be mistaken for thinking more pay equals more work, or better work. I suffer from a chronic illness, I used to regularly see a number of consultants privately in 2 different ‘Hi-tech’ hospitals. Ive become quite knowledgable of my own condition.
    I no longer see my consultant privately, I see him in a public hospital, it makes absolutely no difference to me.

    Whilst in the private system, there were a number of errors made during my treatment , one with lasting consequences. The one thing I remember about that time is it seemed explanations were slow in coming but the cash was always asked for promptly, some consultants will only deal in cash.

    The public system, isnt much different (remember same consultant), but at least Im not being ripped off..

  4. ahjayzis

    One of the greatest tragedies of the whole Troika period is Ireland successfully fighting off efforts to reign in professional cartels like this.

    Also, is Rhona Mahoney THE most photogenic doctor ever, or what?

    1. martco

      nah she’s more like a 7…time for specsavers for you I think

      but it’s what’s inside that counts

  5. Owen

    I love Ireland….. the height is the limitation in planning, not the fact its going to be in a location where expansion is impossible, where any transport access is impossible, where a helicopter can’t land, and where ambulances have (at present!) to get police escort in rush hour just to get there.

    The entire f’ing thing is a joke. Zero consultation with on the ground stakeholders, only politicians and the church. It will be obsolete before its built.

    1. Owen

      And the photo kinda reminds me of when Mr Burns told Smithers to get in the Spruce Moose

  6. Sheik Yahbouti

    Incidentally, just reviewing what I’d read so far on the plans for this new hospital. Amongst other things, there is provision for 244 Private En suite rooms in the facility. Need anyone say more.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      She looks eerily puppet-like.

      The kind of thing to haunt your dreams.

  7. Big_G

    Its untrue that the legal profession has been reformed and that medics pay has been untouched.

  8. Holden MaGroin

    Hey remember when Rhona Mahoney was the darling of the repeal movement?

    What happened?

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