Vinyller9’s Gig Of The Week



DJ, blogger and ‘sheet favourite Nialler9 dips into a ‘suitcase full of sevens’ ahead of a set in aid of Repeal the Eighth.

Nialler9 will be among over 100 DJs who will each play eight records at eight gigs in eight cities across Ireland & UK in support of Repeal the 8th.

To wit:


Confirmed venues:

Cork: Gulpd Café (2pm – 8pm)
Galway: Roisin Dubh (2pm – 8pm)
Dublin: South William/ Wah Wah Club (2pm – 1am)
Sligo: Tricky’s McGarrigles (2pm – 8pm)
London: 40Ft Brewery, Dalston (2pm – 8pm)
Limerick: Ormston House (2pm – 8pm)
Manchester: Common, Edge St (4pm – 10pm)
Waterford: Mojo Lounge Rooftop (2pm to 8pm)

Vinyl Love For Repeal

8 thoughts on “Vinyller9’s Gig Of The Week

  1. Peter Dempsey

    So those who DJ with CDJs aren’t welcome? I like vinyl but some people can be real dicks about it.

    1. Mike McGrath-Bryan

      Chiming in here – I’ll be DJing at the Cork one at 2.30, with minimal vinyl DJing experience (being stuck with CDJs in my previous attempts). Confirmed that it’s a bit of craic, although I definitely will be wearing all black and leering condescendingly at people having fun, now that you mention it.

  2. On The Buses

    I’m surprised he hasn’t changed his name to Nialler8.

    All joking aside though, this guy is a silly man

    1. On The Buses

      Ah here, moderators, Fair enough if you don’t allow my comment, but don’t be editting them. I’ll get wikileaks in here and blow a whistle on this censorship.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        if it helps, it’s emerged that “poo-y little willy” is permitted

  3. Serval

    A bad song on vinyl “sounds” better than an amazing song on cd.
    Vinyl Schminyl.

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