Free This Evening?


At 5.30pm.

Outside Leinster House on Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

A vigil will be held for the late campaigning journalist and activist Dara Quigley.

Justice for Dara vigil (Facebook)

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Mum tells of heartbreak of daughter who took her own life after nude footage allegedly filmed by a garda leaked online (Stephen Breen, The Irish Sun)


This evening.

Family and friends gather to remember Dara Quigley outside Leinster House.


Pics: Mick Caul, Death Cab For Cute Lee, Tony Groves

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11 thoughts on “Free This Evening?

  1. Romeo C

    what happend this lady was deplorable, the actions of the garda in question are inhuman and I’ve no doubt were a contributory factor to this tragic loss of life.

    1. Jackdaw

      I completely agree with the first two lines of your comment. It’s grossly unfair to speculate in the manner you did in your final line. You don’t know that, nobody here does.

  2. Shayna

    Yikes! To be fair, BS reports the “Unreported” – I haven’t noticed anything on RTÉ?

    1. Joxer

      Shyan . SIxone news did a piece on it last night and cited that a Garda was suspended pending an investigation by GSOC

      1. Shayna

        It’s Shayna – btw. I live in the North bit – there’s PSNI, rather than na Gardaí – personally, I’ve been man-handled by both whilst drunk – it’s down to training? I saw the video. And the links? What? I tried – I’m still here. It wasn’t a cry for help for me. I’m diagnosed as being clincally depressed, but

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