Dismantling The Baptism Barrier


This morning.

Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2

The launch of Solidarity’s Equal Participation in Schools Bill – to be be debated  in the Dáil tomorrow evening – which would abolish the ‘Baptism Barrier’ and usher in a pluralistic curriculum.

A quarter of of parents baptise their children for the sole reason of beating a system that favours children born to Catholic parents. And problems exist once inside the classroom.

Ms Coppinger said:

“Currently, it’s practically impossible to truly opt-out of religion in schools; many schools have an ‘integrated curriculum’ with religion being mixed into other subjects. Religion should be on an opt-in basis, not out-out. Make the curriculum objective and pluralistic. There is a legal obligation on the Department to respect religious views when setting the National Curriculum. This means no proper sex education dealing with issues for LGBTQ.”

Above from left Megan Brady, secondary school student and  LGBTQ rights campaigner, Sarah Lennon, chair of Education Equality, Ruth Coppinger, Solidarity TD, Roopesh Panicker, a Hindu parent whose daughter was denied admission to local primary schools, Richard Boyd Barrett , People Before Profit TD.,

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

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21 thoughts on “Dismantling The Baptism Barrier

    1. Brother Barnabas


      (but would prefer more encompassing and aggressive campaign towards full separation of church and state – would sort out myriad of problems in one go)

  1. phil

    This is a great bill, but I think the government should vote it down. We dont want people thinking theses unsuited politicians are any use

      1. postmanpat

        To draw attention to up and coming politicians because any cause and power in and off itself by any means, like DubLoony said above the Social Democrats did the same thing last week. They “believe” in the same cause but god forbid they will work together, Its not the bill that has to go through, it has to be THEIR bill that goes through. I doubt any TD in the social democrats /solidarity/ AAA etc. care that much about the issue personally. The issue wont effect them and their kids who will be put through private school anyway because they are rich connected politicians.

  2. Joe Small

    This is the political party/protest movement that got 1% in the latest poll. Why do they get 30-40% of the publicity?

    1. sOCK pUPPET

      YES!!! THIS!! Because we all know that a person’s looks are directly in proportion to their ability to do a job.
      (Source: every misogynist on the internet, EVAH!)

  3. Blue nun

    Who cares?

    Dismantling the Gaelscoil racist barriers is a more valuable contribution to society.


    1. Eamonn Clancy

      All schools should be made Gaelscoilenna, and open to any race, like they actually are at the moment, if you took the time to check.

        1. Milo

          They are open to any race. Why do you say they are not? Does Sarahs Careys opinion count as fact? Or are you just racist and too lazy to get your own facts?

    2. Milo

      Have you any evidence for this racism? or are you just throwing the term around? Which is pretty racist. But it doesn’t matter, its only irish speakers.

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    Yeah, yeah. Well meaning groups propose legislation, which is then vetoed. Grand.

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