In Praise Of Early Risers


Choose early rising,
Choose welfare despising,
Choose busting your hump,
For a decreasing lump,
Choose rent over food,
Choose ‘not in the mood’,
Choose scared to get sick,
‘Cause the boss is a prick,
Choose ‘it’s the position redundant’,
When they lay off your soul,
Early risers in Clerys,
What a kick in the hole,
Choose loyalty to master,
He’ll fire you faster,
Choose loans for students,
So fiscally prudent,
To keep them in hoc,
Servants to bankers,
Slaves to the clock,
Choose fleeing this kip,
On a one way trip,
Like millions before you,
This country abhors you,
Choose lying in piss,
On trolley or list,
Your gaff they will steal,
And call it Fair Deal,
Choose knowing but lying,
Early mornings don’t matter,
Your toil kills you quicker,
To make the 1% fatter.

Martin McMahon

Martin blogs at Ramshorne Republic.

Pic: Louise McSharry

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21 thoughts on “In Praise Of Early Risers

  1. Moderate THIS!

    Choose not to publish
    Worthless doggerel
    That doesn’t inspire
    And doesn’t rhyme

    1. Sham Bob

      Your opinion of this poem is clearly going to be influenced by where you stand on the ‘early riser’ spectrum.

      If you were one of the kids giving out about the wildcat bus strike a few weeks ago cause it disrupted your commute to your kind-of-awesome IT job which just about covers your rent, then your eyes will instinctively turn skywards..

      If you found Leo’s ‘early risers’ comment repulsive, then you’ll probably be a bit more appreciative.

      Social solidarity is only cool if it’s in the US, when Bernie does it, it’s not for here.

  2. Casey

    Depressingly brilliant as a state of a affairs.

    Depressingly unoriginal in terms of structure.

  3. Zena

    Poems don’t have to rhyme.

    Excellently candid poem, Martin, as was ‘It’ that was posted on BS a couple of months ago.

    Beautiful accompanying picture.

  4. Smith

    Choose a ’90s cult movie, rip off its famous voiceover, apply it to Irish govt. rhetoric, make it rhyme, and you have a terrible, unoriginal “poem”.

  5. Biddy

    Choose being a broadsheet comment troll
    ‘Cause ur blueshirt alt right
    With no brains at all.

          1. Frilly Keane


            I have ya now

            Ya bollix ya
            You don’t talk like that when you’re wi’yer own crowd

          2. Lord Snowflakee

            Just pulling at your ould geansai there Frillbot

            Sure in sufferin jaysus like tat was a grate oul win for d rebels all de same like

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