8 thoughts on “Were You There?

  1. ivan

    Could’ve been a great show alright, but Gawd, I’d say Mike Love is an awful dose…

    1. bisted

      …hope he gets the welcome he deserves after defying pleas not to play in apartheid Tel Aviv…

  2. Birneybau2

    It ain’t really the Beach Boys.

    Go see Brian Wilson, as I did last year, and come back then.

  3. Louis.lefronde

    See both. Brian Wilson is in town next month. Sad that they’re still squabbling at their age.

  4. Pat Harding

    I went last night and loved it. Obviously when two of the Wilson’s are dead and the other two are touring separately it cannot be the original lineup, but I’ll take Mike Love and Bruce Johnson and a group of first class session musicians. I went to see Dylan in the 3 Arena recently which was underwhelming to say the least, at least the Beach Boys put on a show and gave a great performance of all their classics as well as some deep cuts for true fans.

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