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  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Me life on ya, Alvagh! You put a glide in me stride, and a spring in me step. A woman with a social conscience AND a great sense of humour?? Lead me to it XX

  2. Geremiah

    Unsurprisingly this person is an election candidate for one of the main opposition parties (need I say who?).

      1. Geremiah

        Oh that’s right, you’re just the campaign manager for an opposition election candidate. My apologies.

        1. Alvagh Cronin

          Absolutely incorrect, again. Waaaaaaaaay off the mark
          C’mere. Do you know where the Commissioner has put her phone?

          1. Geremiah

            C’mere. D’ya know those documents you signed proposing your sister as an election candidate?

          2. Alvagh Cronin

            I do, yeah. And?
            Missed my promotion to campaign manager.
            We are no closer to finding the Commissioner’s phone!

          3. Nigel

            ‘Do you know where the Commissioner has put her phone?’

            She was securing a prisoner and dropped it, so it’s a cell-phone now. The screen is locked, but at least there’ll be plenty of bars.

  3. Molly

    “Unsurprisingly this person is an election candidate for one of the main opposition parties (need I say who?).”

    Well thanks for that! It explains why some folk on Twitter are cracking up, while others can hardly bear it.

      1. Alvagh Cronin

        Hi Rob. Thanks very much.
        No I think doing something on the Jerry McCabe murder would be very disturbing. In fact, to even suggest it seems a little disturbing, I lived in Limerick In 1996, at the time he was murdered and travelled through Adare often. Even now, when I go through the town, I will always think of him and his family. As my father was a Garda Superintendent I understand how the Garda body felt about his horrific murder. Thankfully, 21 years on, the peace process holds, thanks to the work of many, many people. Let’s hope it continues to be that way.
        The Gardaí I know are fed up to the back teeth of corruption in the force and the satire I do, when I take the mind to do it, is much more current and is personal commentary on what I see happening around me in the ireland of today. ✌️

        1. Rob_G

          Hi Alva,

          Thank you for replying to me.

          From what you have said, it strikes me as all the more unusual that you are taking part in SF’s softly, softly campaign to undermine the criminal justice system (their campaign to abolish the Special Criminal Court, their hijacking of the Garda whistleblowers).

          Martin Ferris said in as late as 2015 that he had no regrets about going to pick up Pearse McAuley from prison; if this is the type of party that you have decided to align yourself with – well, I will leave it up to your own conscience.

          All the best,

      2. Hawkeyed

        oh Rob. Did you not get the Broadpoo memo? Don’t you know that the “decent” can sometime be obsessed by the indecent.

        1. Alvagh Cronin

          Hi Rob. Won’t spend the whole afternoon debating with you. Suffice to say, from my viewpoint, Ireland’s criminal justice system doesn’t need me or SF to show it’s not fit for propose….. the corruption in the Garda force has been bubbling up beneath the surface for years and it’s now, finally, undeniable….. The Special Criminal Court is, in my opinion, outdated and an affront to an accused’ human rights. I believe that everybody, bar none, is entitled to be tried before a jury of their peers for any crime. If we can safeguard the judges, surely it’s possible to safeguard the witnesses and the jury.
          That aside, I don’t believe the whistleblowers have been ‘hijacked’, to use your word by SF. When I think of the whistleblowers’ stories I think of Ming, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, in fact. And I applaud the bravery of everyone involved in peeling back the veneer of respectability that has always gone with AGS.
          I cannot speak for Martin Ferris or indeed for SF but I can speak for myself.
          And I don’t believe that Nóirín has mislaid her phone. You may. But I don’t.

          1. jusayinlike

            Don’t bother Alva, they’re both fg fraperoomers..

            Incapable of free thought, bossed around by a witch chief whip..

        2. Rob_G

          Hi Alvagh,

          While I agree with the principle of everyone being tried before a jury of their peers, the IRA’s track record in intimidating juries does not always render this feasible.

      3. Zena

        Alvagh, Rob’s stuck in a loop where SF are concerned, in fact, where ever there’s a mention of anything with a Republican sway, tinge or flavour. Picture Kujo, the rabid dog and you’re halfway there.

        Enjoyed your video.

        1. Rob_G

          You’re right, Zena; I have fairly black-and-white views when it comes to the actions of the IRA.

        2. Zena

          Shame your views are not black and white where the forces of the crown are concerned. Plastic and rubber bullets used to kill and maim children, the two Bloody Sundays etc, the UDA, UVF and other Loyalist paramilitary groups actions, RUC/British armed forces collusion against Nationalists etc barely raise an eyebrow with your type- it’s all a one-way street with people of your poisoned and biased mind-set.

        3. Rob_G

          If the UVF, UDA, or any of the other groups that you listed were running for public office in Ireland, I can assure you that I would oppose them just as vociferously.

        4. Alvagh Cronin

          Thanks Zena- like you I thank God the war is over. It’s over 20 years now. If the 26 counties had done our healing after the civil war and set about including the nationalists in the 6, I believe we’d have a different society today, on the island.
          Rob, none of this is getting us any closer to finding the Commissioner’s phone.
          And that’s a real, live, uptotheminute issue for law and order in this state.

        5. Rob_G

          I think a lot of people will find it objectionable that you label The Troubles a ‘war’ – that would seem to indicate that the IRA has some sort of legitimacy. And it finished because the IRA belatedly agreed to stop murdering people. Which, of course, I welcome as much as anyone else, but I just wish they hadn’t have insisted on murdering as many innocent people in the preceding 25 years…

          While I share your concerns about the Commissioner and her phone, I am more worried about SF’s attacks on the forces of law & order in this state.

        6. bisted

          …what are you going to do when the shinners are in coalition with the FFers after the next election?

        7. Zena

          Running for office in a biased and rigged ‘statelet’ ran by Protestants for Protestants. I don’t hear you up in arms about the man that was gunned down in Sainsbury’s carpark in Down yesterday, in front of his young son. We’ll sweep that one under the carpet with all the other Loyalist activities, shall we?

        8. Rob_G

          It certainly is a terrifying vista . I wonder who they would have as Minster for Justice- maybe Martin Ferris?

          Anyway, I don’t know if I share your pessimistic outlook – SF are down three points in their latest poll, and enough people share my distaste for them that they remain transfer-toxic.

        9. Rob_G

          @ Zena – that’s genuinely awful what happened to that poor man., of course I condemn his killing.

          But his killers aren’t trying to rebrand themselves by rewriting history and attempting to run for election in Ireland, so I am not sure how apt an analogy it it.

        10. Zena

          I’m working on something at the minute so can’t give you the full reply you deserve- I’ll get back to you and straighten you out mentally in the not too distant future. We’ll banish the aul Stockholm Syndrome right out of you Rob, eye of newt, tooth of lynx..

        11. bisted

          …now you know as well as I do that it’ll be big Jim as Justice Minister…I don’t know about Martin Ferris but it will be Finance Minister Pearse and Tainiste Gerry. And why do you say pessimisttic…not any more of an appalling vista than what exists and a republican government during the brexit negotiations might be in the interest of all Ireland…

        12. Rob_G

          @ Zena –

          I appreciate the thought, but fear that your efforts might be in vain: I just generally dislike the idea of killing people, and tend not to have much time for people who equivocate on this point.

        13. Zena

          @ Rob

          From your stance I can only conclude that you are a frustrated and terrified man of Orange persuasion. Your replies, although polite, are robotic, Stepford wife style token replies, you neither allow varying trains of thought to penetrate your brain, nor do you trade in the truth or historical/present day basic facts – which leaves you at a huge disadvantage.
          You would do well to read On Another Man’s Wound and The Singing Flame by Ernie O’Malley – knowledge is power, tunnel vision is not.

        14. Rob_G

          So, anyone who doesn’t like the IRA is an Orange man – great stuff. Has it ever occurred to you that some people might not like any type of tribalism/sectarianism?

          Thank you for the recommendations; I have read afew of Gerry Adams’ books, and Tim Pat Coogan’s book on the Troubles. I still had the feeling that it was wrong to blow up bombs in pubs and shopping centres once I had finished.

        15. Zena

          @ Rob

          Your conjecture is that of a petulant child. At the root of all wars are the oppressor and the oppressed, your ignorance and inability to admit that simple fact, renders any opinion you may hold, null and void.

        16. Rob_G

          Nice soundbite.

          What essential part of the British state’s apparatus of oppression did the Northern Irish Collie Club play that obliged the IRA to burn them alive at La Mon?

          Or Paul Quinn, when the IRA beat him to death with iron bars in a cowshed – was he part of the oppressive colonial yoke as well?

        17. Zena

          @ Rob

          I could recount a list of atrocities to you, visited upon the Catholics, you are well aware of them all no doubt, regardless of your ignoramus demeanor. There’s only one gear in you. Regards to the lodge, try not to burn your houses down this 12th, good lad.

          The reuniting of the 32 WILL happen in the next few years, what a time to be alive, eh Roberto?!?!?!

        18. Rob_G

          I’ve already said that I abhor all violence in Northern Ireland, and you respond with more whataboutery, making excuses for violence so long as it was carried out by those on ‘your side’. I genuinely can see no further use in discussing it with you further.

          “I could recount a list of atrocities to you, visited upon the Catholics,”

          – Paul Quinn was a Catholic, to the best of my knowledge. The IRA murdered him, just the same. A Catholic, 20 years of age, beaten to death in a cow-shed, 10 years after Alvagh’s ‘war’ was over.

          – but carry on obfuscating on behalf of these psychopaths

  4. Truth in the News

    It should pose no problem to locate the phone numbers that were assigned and the numbers called and
    the phone cells or sectional cells that these phones voice or text traffic was routed
    And needless to say traffic it self may have been intercepted….by local and international agencies:
    In relation to the Special Criminal Court there is no reason why this august body might not be usefully
    employed to try cases where the authority of the State has been subverted by Institutions of the State
    under certain sections of Offences Against State Act of !939.
    If this ever happened the Special Criminal Court would be abolished overnight

  5. Peter Dempsey

    Hey @Zena
    Why are you so concerned about dead loyalists? Who gives a f**k about that guy in Newry?

  6. Zena

    @ Peter

    I wanted to hear his opinion on it, he just kept beating his drum to the bigots tune though. The lights were on but no-one was home as they say. It was a pointless discussion, I would have got more of a satisfactory discussion out of my cat, if truth be told.

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