19 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

    1. Twunt

      I suspect they have something akin to the shinner-bots that have infected every news article in this country. The comments section of articles would have you believe SF/Labour UK have a commanding lead in the polls

    2. Twunt

      Also, there is a strong chance of the public finding out that May is an opportunist who is way out of her depth, it appears to be a slow burning realisation.

      If Corbyn had pulled his head from his principled arse, done a small amount of media training, he could have made significant gains. Instead he went on about IRA sympathy and understanding Jihad and it being the UK’s own fault. Idiot.

  1. Henry Woods

    My local paper has an EU MEP crying that his fellow farmers have to survive on only 50m euros a year from EU handouts and this might fluctuate with Brexit.
    Not in the local paper is these same leech farmers have the ring road upgrade in the supreme court because they want an extort more money for their tiny slices of bog.
    Also not in my local paper is that on the other side of town, the only womens refuge has had to turn away 100 women and children a year because of funding cuts while across the road and down the lane 6.5 million quid was spent digging up old merchant jews and rehousing their graves in a ruined church as a tourist attraction.
    The local hospital got a 40m upgrade and is entirely staffed by HSE robots and has the highest trolley numbers.
    At least the weather is fine.

      1. Henry Woods

        Nowt wrong with a rant. I want to stand on top of City Hall and roar like a madman.

        1. Shayna

          Now you sound like a Yorkshire man, or Lancashire man (John Noakes, RIP) – let me know when you’re going to rant in public – I’ll attend.

  2. jungleman

    The telegraph is starting to sound like the Express.

    Talk about desperation. You would swear it was actually owned by the Conservative party.

    1. jungleman

      Pretty sure the exact same story hit the headlines 2 years ago and it turned out the person had been given a free house but refused to take it..

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