6 thoughts on “Fail To Prepare

  1. curmudegon

    Remember folks there was absolutely no way to write correcting exams into teachers contracts, they simply must have the entire summer off. By complete co-incidence the only people that are allowed to correct them are teachers, so that leaves us with a need to “entice” them to correct papers by paying them even more (according to the unions), or just delaying results even further.

    1. scottser

      are you actually suggesting that any oul gobsheen should be able to correct exam papers?

    2. Paul

      Same old same old, teachers and the great holidays blah blah blah! There is nothing stopping anyone becoming a teacher, yet most don’t, ever wonder why!

  2. Bubbles

    “Irrespective of experience…”
    So reassuring to know I’m sending a higher level English class into an exam that might be corrected by somebody who has never taught the course.

    The reason it’s not part of teachers’ contracts is that it’s supposed to be a quality control measure (I know, my observation above calls this into question.) A small number of correctors, each dealing with a large number of exam papers, is likely to give much more consistent results than a large number of teachers correcting twenty-odd exams each. This is obviously more of an issue in subjects where there might be a unique answer from each student instead of clearly defined ‘right and wrong’ answers.

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