Southbound DART 1834


Luke Brennan writes:

Was just looking at the online pictorial archives and saw this beauty. It even has Dalkey’s ill-fated atmospheric railway marked, which is a story in itself.

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8 thoughts on “Southbound DART 1834

    1. edalicious

      It was a real pity that hover-horses went extinct. Though I’d imagine it was annoying having to dodge the poopy poo coming at you from above.

  1. Vote Rep #1

    That railway in Dalkey ensured that the lane beside it had a wonderful name: Atmospheric Lane.

    Suits it as well since it is in Dalkey. Most dark laneways beside train lines tend to be more on the rapey side of atmospheric.

  2. Spammer

    We probably had better public transport those days. At least the Brits knew how to run a country!

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