10 thoughts on “Elektrisch

  1. Specific Gravity

    Great show, and perfectly suited to the venue.
    Might have been first night of tour nerves, but thought Ralf was slightly rough around the edges in places, yet all the more human for it, adding to the performance. Long live the man machine.

    1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

      The last thing Ralf wants to be is human :)

    1. Brother Barnabas

      You reckon?

      KW’s influence is up there with the Beatles, Sex Pistols, Dylan.

  2. I'm in 'moderadion'.

    Style, in reaction to a lack of substance.

    If you don’t recognise Kraftwerk as the Tour De Force that they are…
    If you don’t understand the contribution they made to Modern Music, especially to Hip-Hop (in it’s earlier days), their invention of Techno, their perseverance for ‘ART’s’ sake, their massive influence on today’s music and how music is currently produced…

    It doesn’t matter.
    Only Lee Scratch Perry is more important.

    Fecking kids… children….
    You know nothing, but you think otherwise.

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