22 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    And I see the Express are going for subtlety in tomorrow’s headline.


    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I mean they even get a few great digs in at the EU and Corbyn. Spectacular work, I must say.

  2. delacaravanio

    The Telegraph, without any sense of irony:

    MI5 and police ignore warnings of man claiming “I want to be a terrorist”.

    “Special branch kept tabs on ‘subversive’ Corbyn”

    Suffering Jayzus.

  3. bad@toomanythings

    This is just my justified opinion, but newspapers dont deliver ‘news’ anymore, do they?
    It’s all opinion.

    It isn’t new and it isnt News….
    It’s North, it’s East, it’s West and it’s South…
    It isn’t N.E. W. S.
    ….but that’s just my opinion.

    1. Twunt

      They serve a purpose, in that they drive an agenda and sell advertising.

      The Irish Times’ sole purpose is to talk up the property market.
      The Irish Independent’s dual purpose is promote the agenda of REDACTED, and spout drivel about celebrity lawyer Gerald Kean.

  4. Adama

    Finally an Irish connection! It’s been a long time coming but there it is. The Irish media/government have been harping on that we’re due some recognition globally that we were somehow tenuously involved. Reminds me of Dr Stranglove and the Doomsday Gap. We were out in the cold on this but now we’re lukewarm.

    Great. Just great.

    1. bad@nothing

      Careful on that fence, darling.
      It’s terribly wobbly.
      Dont fall off of it, whatever you do or dont do.

      People like you scare me, but not in the way you think you can do.

  5. superbad@nothing

    The ‘eh’ Media…
    The self-proclaimed arbitrators of public belief, and perpetrators of propagandistic bullstuff…
    The ‘News’, etc…

    It isn’t News.

    I don’t look at these newspapers. I go straight to the comments and work my way back up.
    It’s still totally fruitless.

    We do not have a proper newspaper to subscribe to.
    We haven’t had one for years.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I was completely wrong for believing that we ever had one.


  6. martco

    must keep me eyes peeled on the Donedeal for some bargain air-conditioned stadiums now the Quataris are in a spot of bother…good enough for ’em the slave driving c–ts…but hopefully Sepp managed to get the few quid in up front

    1. Twunt

      Quataris are outnumbered in their own country by about 4 to 1. Some day these workers will rise up and push the Quataris into the sea, nobody will be surprised, very few will care.

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