Cave Of Earthly Delights


Every week, we give away to a ‘sheet reader a voucher for Golden Discs worth 25 Euros on the open market.

All we require from you is a tune we can play next week.

This week’s theme: Nick Cave

To mark the release of Lovely Creatures; The Best Of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, what song from the three decade Cave canon stands apart from the rest (probably smoking French cigarettes)?

To enter, please complete this sentence:

‘The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is________________________because____________________________’

Lines Must close at 6.25pm MIDNIGHT.

May include solo work, Grinderman, soundtracks, etc.

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47 thoughts on “Cave Of Earthly Delights

    1. spudnick

      I just couldn’t get beyond the clunky first line. I mean, beautiful song and all, first dance at many a mate’s wedding, but… that stumbly sentence.

  1. Penfold

    The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is “Henry Lee” because the guys voice is gloomily magnificent, with the added PJ Harvey the vocals here are sensual. You nearly feel like shouting “get a room” while listening to it.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I enjoy whispering LITTLE FISH BIG FISH SWIMMING IN THE WATER, COME BACK HERE MAN GIMME MY DAUGHTER in a creepy way to my baby daughter when she’s having a bath. She whispers along with me now.

  2. 3minutepopsong

    it would have to be “Into my Arms” because it has the single greatest opening line in the history of recorded music. “I don’t believe in an interventionist God”. I defy anyone to better that. Its not exactly Ronan Keating now is it ?

      1. scottser

        1ha don melee hin ha hinervenshunish gaaaad’?
        he’d be lynched before he opens his gob..

  3. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

    So many outstanding tracks to choose from
    Distant Sky breaks my heart, in fact the whole album is a hard listen, it’s like you’re intruding on private grief I don’t know how anyone copes after the death of a child, it must be the most devastating event for anyone to suffer, it’s difficult to even contemplate let alone live through.

  4. Paraic Elliott

    ‘The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is INTO MY ARMS because:
    I have always struggled with the fact that I had been raised catholic and, from an early age, was told to believe in a “personal” god who had a unique relationship with me. I struggled as an adult to express what I now believed as a skeptical, lapsed catholic. Suddenly, one day driving the M50 motor way I heard INTO MY ARMS by Nick had a light bulb moment- that was it in a nutshell-Nick expressed it for me :”I don’t believe in an interventionist God!” Just proves how much a lyric and a performer can play a large in someones life.

    1. Odockatee


      Pretty much the same experience for myself. It was people like him who helped me understand what it was I was looking for. Surprisingly as well it was a something from a Don Baker (the legendary Harmonica player) interview on the subject which is what I reference too; “Religion teaches you what to think, spirituality teaches you how to think”

  5. Custo

    ‘Down In The Lime Tree Arbour’ for me, Clive.

    I heard it by chance on XFM or or whatever it was called at the time (Alice’s Restaurant..?) around 1998. I was recording the song before it onto a tape for my commute in/out of college – I think it was ‘Who Loves The Sun’ by Velvet Underground, and left the tape recording when I heard that bass line and little off kilter piano intro.

    It’s such a great song, and the lyrics are pretty powerful. I’m pretty sure it’s about lost love & death or whatever, but it reminds me of good times and sunny days for some reason.

    I stick it on once or twice a year and bask in the nostalgia for simpler times when I was young and stupid.

  6. Andrew

    The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is The Ship song.
    It perfectly echoes my relationship with my now wife. We actually used the song for our wedding. There are so many though; Straight to You is outstanding, Red Right Hand and a brilliant cover of “By the time I get to Phoenix. Not forgetting The Mercy Seat. It really depends on the mood I’m in, as to which is my favourite.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      That is also a beautiful song.
      He’s some boy for one boy, that Nick Cave.

    2. spudnick

      +1 on the Ship Song. Loved it since I heard it on The Good Son, in 1990, fell in love with it a second time when Conway Savage joined the Bad Seeds and added his own little lick to the melody. Still have the bootleg tape from their gig in the SFX in ’92 when they played it live. Magic.

  7. BB

    The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow because its dark, it’s funny and it’s the song that really opened my eyes to the man.

  8. Odockatee

    The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is more news from nowhere because it reminds me of a great holiday in Cuba and Only having Dig Lazarus Dig as a CD that could be played in the rent a car. A strange but great musical accompaniment.’

  9. Runlolarun

    The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is ‘Far From Me’ because it used to be the song that I lamented lost loves to – with my ever-consoling, unconditionally-loving cat Nudge in my arms; slowly circling the living-room-dance-floor together, tears and fur in my eyes, glass of wine to hand.

    Then Nudge died and it was the song that I played when I walked into the sea on Sandymount Strand to scatter his ashes. It’ll always be his song now and lifts me up in such a bitter-sweet way in his memory.

    (However, I hope he’s not “suspended in your bleak and fishless sea”….)

  10. Formerly known as

    I won’t name a song but the ones above are great. I happen to be spending the weekend near his home town, Wangaratta (or Wang to the locals). He is a bit of legend, here.

  11. scottser

    The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is peggy gordon from the movie the proposition.

    it’s use in the movie is nothing short of genius. the song becomes the soundtrack to rape, murder, punishment justice and redemption at various times in the movie. it made me adore that melody to the extent that i sang it as a lullaby to my first born to get her to sleep each night when she was younger.

  12. spudnick

    Too much tragic beauty in this thread. Needs a little ‘Mercy Seat’-style muscle. ‘Stagger Lee’ shows off both the tight power of the Bad Seeds and Nick’s vicious, powerful and humorous delivery. Let’s see what BS’ profanity filter makes of this:

    “I’m a bad muppetlover, don’t you know
    And I’ll crawl over fifty good poopsy-doodles just to get one fat boy’s tinkle-too… ”
    …Said Stagger Lee

  13. Aido

    The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is ‘We Call Upon the Author’ because while plenty of songs shake their fist impotently at god, few go in to such detail as to why.

  14. spudnick

    Lads, lassies, don’t want to seem mawkish and all, but thanks for this thread. It’s made my Friday.

  15. Psydeshow

    The Nick Cave track that has left the most indelible mark on me is the ‘Breathless’ because it’s one that plays in my head almost every time I see the good lady Dr her indoors. And I just love the discordant flutes at the start.

  16. Fear Dearg

    Living in Melbourne, I was driving my friend back to the airport. It was roasting outside. We were stopped at a traffic light and we spotted the man himself crossing the road in a brown pinstriped suit. He is one cool fecker.
    Great thread by the way. It’s the Mercy seat for me.

  17. Frogster

    My fave Nick Cave song is Babe I’m on Fire because what’s better than regular Nick Cave song? A Fifteen minute long Nick Cave song that you can party to.

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