33 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I know mine off by heart.
            I’ll never stop being the teacher’s pet nerd I always was.

          2. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

            Oh Mildred, even your “get losts” are delicate and eloquent :)

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            We went to the park. While there, it thundered down. Washing was sodden on my return so I just threw it all in the bin as I don’t have a mangle.

  1. TOMMY D

    Well done Hammond great role model for young drivers keep up the good work, better luck next time.

    1. dav

      I’m more interested in how quickly an ELECTRIC Car burst into flames. I take it the batteries are the same type that grounded the 787

      1. TOMMY D

        I am sorry that you dont know what role model means, look it up in wikipedia theres a good explaination there for you.

  2. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Preposterous article by Conor Pope on biking – the number 1 reason to do it is to promote gender equality.

    What an agenda-ridden POS the Irish Times has become.

    1. Grouse

      Well, I agree it’s a little strange to frame it as a reason here in 2017, but it inarguably had a huge impact on the independence of women in the early (and middle) Twentieth Century in rural Ireland.

      1. Kenny U-Vox Plank

        Unless they were riding the Mauser Urban Special with Carbon Wheels and Basket, no, it didn’t.

        But I agree with you in today’s context. Surely driving a car is a better expression of equality than a crappy bike. They don’t make special cars for women’s “geometry”.

        As for the losing weigh argument. Well, that’s a joke from the likes of Pope.

        1. Grouse

          I’m not pushing any kind of controversial agenda here, Kenny. These are just the experiences of our grandmothers and great grandmothers. If there was a motor vehicle or cart owned by the family, it certainly wasn’t available first and foremost to the woman of the house. The bicycle gave women a freedom, both inside and outside marriage, to travel miles in an hour, visit neighbours, visit their own family after marrying into another, travel to surrounding villages. It opened up the social landscape for people in rural areas immeasurably, which of course improved the lives of anybody who would previously have been confined to a domestic role in a remote area.

          1. Mourning Ireland

            That would have been a fine Irish Times article 100 years ago. Dublin Bikes isn’t.

        2. Kenny U-Vox Plank

          Regardless, Pope should get a tandem with Mullally. She’s never off the identification politics bike.

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