Denunciation Once Again


From the decision by the UN Human Rights Committee

In The Guardian.

Henry McDonald reports:

The United Nations has once again ruled that Ireland’s abortion laws have subjected a woman to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

It is the second time in 12 months that the UN’s human rights committee has denounced the abortion regime in the Republic, which denies women with fatal foetal abnormalities the right to terminate pregnancies.

The committee has found in favour of Siobhán Whelan, an Irish woman who was denied access to an abortion in 2010 despite being diagnosed with fatal foetal syndrome during her pregnancy, it was announced on Tuesday.

Fatal foetal abnormalities include where the foetus has under-developed vital organs such as the heart and brain, which would mean if the pregnancy went to full term the baby would either be stillborn or die within hours of birth.

Whelan’s case mirrors that of Amanda Mellet, who was also forced to travel to Britain to end her pregnancy.

Last year the UN ruled in Mellet’s favour, and she made history by becoming the first woman to be compensated by the Irish state over the trauma she suffered.

In the Whelan case, the UN committee held that Ireland must also provide her with reparations for the harm she suffered and reform its laws to ensure other women do not face similar human rights violations.



The UN’s decision can be read in full here

UN denounces Ireland’s abortion laws as cruel and inhumane again (The Guardian)

26 thoughts on “Denunciation Once Again

  1. mahoney

    the pro-life crowd really takes aim and blows it’s foot off by supporting this nonsense

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      They’re not pro life. They’re antichoice, pro forced birth and pro control of women and girls. They don’t care about children once they’ve left the womb. Most of them are the ones complaining about welfare recipients, single mothers, the homeless. Did you see some of their reactions to yesterday’s report on a pregnant girl being locked up in a mental institution? Too busy fetishising the foetus to care about the suicidal child raped and sectioned.

      1. newsjustin

        Nah. They’re pro-life.

        The reaction to yesterday’s story on here was interesting too. Many pro-choice people just indulging in rants against invisible opus dei monks.

        1. ReproBertie

          So do these Pro-Life people spend more time researching ways to cure diseases, prevent miscarriages and extend human longevity or controlling women and frightening children?

          1. newsjustin

            Pro-life people are in every walk of life doing the amazing and mundane. Same goes for pro-choice people.

            It is lazy and immature to suggest that pro-life people (or pro-choice people) are uncaring.

        2. MoyestWithExcitement

          In fairness, not all anti abortionists are like the Ionas and the newsjustins. Lots and lots of them are well meaning members of our families who honestly view a zygote/foetus as a baby and are genuinely upset at the idea of killing one. Of course the most prominent voices are those whose interest is about maintaining Catholic dominance over society which makes them feel like they have vicarious authority over the rest of us.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Great comment, Moyest. One of your most insightful ones, by far. Especially as we are inclined to forget that about people who are pro-life – that most of them are in fact well-meaning folk who view a zygote as a child. I think we have the media and their love of… balance for that.

          2. jungleman

            I don’t see a zygote as a baby. I certainly see a foetus as a baby when it is past the third trimester, as I’m sure do most people.

            But nice try conflating the two terms.

            Also, nice try with the patronising use of the words “well-meaning”. Your implication that these “well-meaning” people are less enlightened than your brilliant self is glaringly clear you’ll be glad to know.

  2. Kwikster

    “3,265 women from ROI in 2016”
    Does this figure include all women who have travelled from ROI or does it just include Irish Citizens?

      1. kwikster

        If it only includes Irish citizens then the actual figure of export would be higher.

    1. missred

      It means those resident in ROI. Look on to the document linked for further information about where they are actually from.

        1. kellma

          But why does THIS detail matter in this context? The court had the information placed before it and it decided (yet again) that this was inhuman. If you want to get into the semantics of how fatal this fatal foetal abnormality was as an arsey ploy to show you are right to think that you should control other’s lives, then sure off with you, I guess. Your life must be just ticking along fantastically for you to think you need to expend your energy controlling other people’s lives…

          1. newsjustin

            It’s just I’ve never heard that term before. It’s usually fatal foetal abnormality.

        2. ReproBertie

          Obfuscation and distraction and attempted derailing the conversation over the use of one phrase in one report to avoid the actual story.

          1. newsjustin

            The story is about abortion and fatal foetal abnormalities. So it is odd that the Guardian came up with a new phrase.

            A bit like the argument over the Iona Institute. Who made them an institute? Likewise, who decided Fatal Foetal Syndrome was a syndrome?

    1. ____

      It means that the foetus has some kind of medical condition that will prevent them from developing properly.

      The outcome will be either:
      A miscarriage later in pregnancy (terminating early make is easier for the mother)

      or they’re born, and live a short and horrific life – usually a few hours where they know nothing but pain and suffering, then die.

      all-in-all, termination is much kinder – especially for the young’un

  3. Topsy

    The UN doesn’t give a fupp about their own soldiers abusing half the kids of Africa there supposed to be protecting. Crowd of reprobates.

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