One Day Like This A Year Would See Me Right


Saturday in Dublin by Donal Moloney.

From top: National Gallery, Phoenix Park. Seapoint, County Dublin; the quays, Dublin 1 and the National Gallery.

Donal Moloney (Facebook)

23 thoughts on “One Day Like This A Year Would See Me Right

  1. Stephen

    great photos, cant wait to visit the National Gallery
    The photo of the man with the tattoos, where is that? is it a café or whats going on?

  2. Salmon of Nollaig

    National Gallery a great free egalitarian resource of which this country should be proud. Was in the gallery yesterday – great mix of people including Michael D and Sabina, just there like ordinary folks.

    It used to be that we had a Dublin Civic Museum which was free to all comers as well and detailed the history of Dublin to Dubliners and foreigners alike.

    What I want to know is why the decision was made to replace it with a much smaller pay-in LIttle Museum and where have all the previous exhibits from the Dublin City Museum gone.

    1. gerry

      There was no museum of Dublin at the time the little Museum opened and I can’t remember there having been one in the 20 years I’ve been coming to Dublin city centre so I don’t think you are right when you say a decision was made to replace a museum with the Little Museum of Dublin.

      1. Alastair

        There actually was a free museum – The Civic Museum, which was operated by Dublin City Council (in the old City Assembly Hall on South William street). It closed in 2003, and some of it’s previous exhibits were indeed passed on for display in the Little Museum of Dublin, when it opened in 2011.

  3. Jesus Wept

    No heavy over use of HDR?!Jesus Donal well done.Credit to all commentators for giving him hell.He has listened.

  4. Digs

    Someone already took the one of the doorways in the gallery. The rest are as uninspired as the man who sent in the pictures. Meh

    1. Teresa

      Just when we thought Donal’s greatest stalker and the Internet’s greatest hater had been incarnated, up he pops. Welcome back Digs.

        1. Charlie

          “Stick” is a convenient word for bullying. Stalking is an even more serious issue. Digs, Jesus Wept. You should truly be ashamed of your brave behaviour.

          1. Jesus Wept

            I follow Broadsheet, it’s Donal who posts to Broadsheet.I have no control over Donal’s wish to promote himself in a forum I have visited since day one.Would you accuse a local in his favourite pub of stalking you if went in for a pint? Take your insecurities elsewhere Teresa & Charlie. x

  5. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

    I like the one of the guy with his willy on a tray

    1. LW

      Haha did moderation change this, or did you go for the visual pun? Or am I looking at the wrong picture?

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