12 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. An observer

    So Varadkar thinks he’s Trudeau or Macron? So he tries to jizz himself up a bit for the cameras arms outstretched. He’s no Trudeau and no Macron. He’s all cheap suit and no style.

    1. classter

      Some would say that Macron & Trudeau are all presentation and no susbstance.

      Time will tell for all three


    for his age & all the hip social jiz that surrounded his appointment radker isnt wasting anytime showing his oldschool sensibilities, appears a % of reveling in the position involves him courting unnecessary controversy & attracting scorn, GREAT!

    1. classter

      It is roughly equivalent to the proportion of female TDs FG have (11/50 – 22% versus 7/33 – 21%)

      The real problem is that the existing parties are doing nowhere near enough to recruit good new candidates, especailly from non-traditional sources – i.e. women, ethnic minorities, science/maths/engineering graduates, those not from families traditionally involved in FF/FG/Lab/..

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