Free Saturday?


Enjoy improv?

Neil Curran (him off the telly) writes:

Every year the Eurovision captures the hearts and minds of audiences across Europe with its high jinx, tomfoolery and the occasional song thrown in….

Returning for its second year, the ImproVision brings an improvised Eurovision to town with a night of improvised song, dance and much more.

A unique experience where the audience can become an international stars! Musical support once again from “The Hold Me Nows”.

This Saturday at 8pm in the Pearse Centre Theatre in Dublin 2. Admission €10.

No rehearsals. There’s nul point.

Nul point.

Never mind.

Improvision, The Improvised Eurovision (Facebook)

2 thoughts on “Free Saturday?

  1. Smith

    I don’t really enjoy Neil’s smug delivery on Broadsheet on de Telly. I’ll spend me tenner on a Lidl bottle of wine (87 points, apparently) and listen to Norton.

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