15 thoughts on “Square Bashing

  1. Rin

    I’m seeing and hearing more and more of this unnecessary hatred and negativity towards the gay community lately. In fact I was warned that this might become more prevalent following, for example, the election of Trump and disruption of the cosy, liberal status quo. My worst recent experience was being called a ‘shit’ in Hamburg at the weekend for holding hands with my girlfriend on a train. But this is just the tip of an iceberg that contains death camps in Chechnya. Where are you now my liberal, heterosexual friends? Will you speak up for your gay brothers and sisters?

  2. Annie

    Extremely ignorant people. Your man was a total bigoted scumbag for trying to intimadate that man.

    I wish people would stop focusing on bigotry hate and chanel that frustration and energy into getting angry about the classism that is messing up countries… the lads with loads of power and land are only delighted with ignorant idiots like that focusing on whites being devils and homosexuals being perverts.

        1. pedeyw

          I suspect humanity would be able to find alternative reasons to be terrible to each other if there were no religions.

          1. Junkface

            Yes well thats due to tribalism, there has always been conflict between humans, but there would be no such thing as suicide bombing without religion. Religion convinces angry young men that suicide bombing and commiting atrocities will get them into heaven. It convinces them that their lives are worth sacrificing for an idea of paradise. Only religion does that.

          2. pedeyw

            There probably would be though. “you do this for the good of your land and family” Kamikaze pilots in ww2 being a good example.

          3. Junkface

            I knew Kamikaze pilots would be mentioned, but thats different. They were doing it for their emperor and their country, whereas in Islamic jihad terrorism has spread beyond borders of countries through to different cultures even, who share the same religion. Although the Shia muslims in Iran started all of this in the late 70’s, Sunni’s have taken it much further. What a complicated world, Christ!

          4. pedeyw

            That feels a little like goalpost moving to me. My point was that angry young men will commit suicide and kill others without the need for divine rewards. The specifics may be different but it’s still all about sacrificing themselves for the “greater good”. And it’s mostly about tribalism, though the difference between religion and tribalism is pretty thin.

  3. Cillbot

    There will always be aggressive unthinking young (and maybe not so young) men who are looking for any excuse to be violent and aggressive whether it be over religion, a particular ideology or a football team. Sometimes they are genuine in their beliefs and sometimes I suspect they are trolling. But either way even if there were no religions per se they would still find an excuse to behave like an absolute poo bag.

  4. Jimmey Russell

    we shouldnt rush to judge these people, we have no idea of the socio-economic factors that have forced them to lash out this way. also, I didnt care for the “enlightened straight white male shines a light on the evil black men” narrative.

  5. Riz

    That etymological breakdown of Human as “Hue” and “Man” is quite possibly one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

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