Ye Olde Shop Update


Further to Jim O’Callaghan spotting this on Tuesday.

Bernice Harrison tweetz:

What a gorgeous revealed on Sth Great Georges St. Wouldn’t it be great if it was protected?


22 thoughts on “Ye Olde Shop Update

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Of course.

            Dinner will be on the table when you get home dear.

            *brandishes oven gloves*

  1. Jade

    I think it is protected. I have seen a few modern shop fronts with “temporay sign” written in the corner as they are hiding other gems like this.
    Hopefully it wont be hidden away again.

    1. Alastair

      That doesn’t mean there’s anything protected underneath. Temporary signs are merely placeholders while a sign that meets (modern) planning regulations are designed and fabricated.

  2. Adam

    Why should it be protected?

    Unless whatever unit goes in there is owned by the Doran family and happens to be a tobacconist?

  3. Brother Barnabas

    In Cork recently (yeah, I know), was struck by how much nicer the streets look – mainly because have so many old traditional shopfronts still intact; not half as much of the nasty plastic signage that’s all over Dublin now.

    1. Frilly Keane

      thats true Brother
      in fact McDonalds were delayed for years ’cause the then Corpo refused to let them have the plastic M on Winthrop Street

      Same with what we all know as Cashes
      BTs wanted to remove the beveled (if thats what they’re called) windows on the main entrance
      Lads over in City Hall said Nope

  4. Cacamils

    It is going to be a crap computer repair shop . It was Hive hairdressing and had a lovely mural on the metal shutter which has been painted over.

  5. rotide

    Should totally protect tobacco advertising.

    Maybe bring back the old marlboro posters and list them too.

    the kids love it.

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