11 thoughts on “Glasto: Day Two

  1. Penfold

    Always begrudgingly hope for rain at festivals I’m not at. Like being on holidays and being annoyed when the weather is better at home.

  2. dav

    Todays Stage of choice will be BEZ’S FLYING BUS – REV SCHNIDER & THE BAND OF ANGELS 20:00 – 20:45 CHUBBY LATOUCHE & THE BAND OF WHORES 21:00 – 22:00 & ANDY BARKER (808 STATE) 01:30 – 02:30

      1. bisted

        …dav called me a blueshirt yesterday…if only I’d known the paper tiger was languishing under the blue skies of West Brit…

        1. dav

          it was a blushirt and raving in Bez’s flying bus till 4am seems a healthy thing to do a festival

          1. bisted

            …phew…a blushirt eh…for a while there I thought you’d thrown me in with the leotards…

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