16 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

    1. Rob_G

      For a fellow who has been locked up for the past five years, I was kind of expecting him to be a little skinnier.

  1. martco

    and so the Pat Hickey PR roadshow kicks off in Indo and Newstalk style

    he’s totally innocent y’know

      1. dav

        his slander against Maurice McCabe showed his credentials to tow the establishment line and to keep his garda mates happy. No doubt he’ll give hickey a nice soft run..

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    If the Daily Express is 10p cheaper than the Daily Mail and 15p cheaper than the Daily Mirror, and The Daily Star is 20p cheaper than the Sun, which is the home of the Page 3 girl?

  3. ahjayzis

    Scienticians have recently discovered a correlation between breakthroughs in BEATING dementia/diabetes and bad weeks for the Tories / Brexit.

  4. Steve

    A billion pounds for the north. This should be plenty of money to sort out the homeless crisis in NI. I look forward to the shinners following through on their spake below here and ending homelessness in NI

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