Weller, Weller, Weller


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This week’s theme: Paul Weller

To celebrate the Modfather’s fourth decade in the music business, what song from the extensive Paul Weller canon (including The Jam, Style Council and solo work) lifts up your parka.

To enter, please complete this sentence:

‘Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be _______________________because________________’

Lines MUST close at 6.15pm MIDNIGHT Sunday!

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36 thoughts on “Weller, Weller, Weller

  1. les rock

    Paul weller’s finest contribution to music would have to be a town called malice. Being a Weller fan, someone once bet me and a friend 20 quid each we wouldnt be able to sing it, word perfect at a karaoke. We did.

    1. basil brush


      The song I heard as a young teen over in my cousins house, that changed the course of my musical appreciation. A mind blowing talent.

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I’m definitely not cool enough to enter this. On wracking my brains, all I can think of is Wild Wood, which I liked.

  3. dav

    “A Town Called Alice” because it’s his ode to Alice Springs, where he visited and went walkabout in with jenny Agutter in the 1970’s – there was a film and all about it….

  4. Sheila

    Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be A Town Called Malice because Ooooo-ooooo YEEEAAAAAAH.

  5. essexhian

    Paul Weller is so talented. He was why all the shoes got nicked from the Bowling Alleys! Ha ha! I grew up listening to the Jam and then the Style Council. I sat next to him in a London pub years ago but I was too shy to chat to him! My favourite song is “my ever changing moods” .
    The DJ in the nightclub I went to got fed up with me asking for it to be played again and again but he did play it for me because he fancied me! Oh those were the days.Lol!


  6. Scoops yeah

    Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be ‘The Changingman’. With a riff on loan from Electric Light Orchestra‘s ‘10538 Overture,’ Paul Weller kicks off his 1995 LP ‘Stanley Road’ in first class style. “Is happiness real, or am I so jaded,” he asks in the opening line, questioning his world. Weller delivers a typically brilliant and soulful vocal atop the grooving rhythm. Throw in some nice guitar work, and you’ve got a winner.

    *There may be copyright issues with this comment

  7. Gay Tea Shop

    ‘Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be writing and playing on Eton Rifles because art predated life and offered a soundtrack to the Cameron May Brexit Tory-boy era. And Varadkar.

  8. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

    Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be
    “You do something to me aka The Ballad of Mildred St Meadowlark”

    You do something to me
    Something deep inside
    I’m hanging on the wire
    For a love I’ll never find


    1. Lush

      Oh I have to agree with you Mr B, on the song anyway .
      I have only the utmost respect and admiration for the charming, and always insightful, Milly.

  9. Odockatee

    Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be ‘Start!’ with The Jam because its a smashing tune on its own and makes me think of one of my favourite George Harrison Beatles contributions ‘Taxman’

    Its not important for you to know my name, nor Ito know yours, if we communicate for 2 minutes only that will be a enough

  10. Otis Blue

    “All that rugby puts hairs on your chest; what chance had you got against a tie and a crest..”

    It’s Eton Rifles for me.

  11. Otis Blue

    “That’s Entertainment”

    What a great song, it really captures the frustration of a Sunday doesn’t it?

    1. scottser

      i came on here to nominate ‘that’s entertainment’ – his best lyrics ever imo. i can’t get on a bus without singing

      Two lovers kissing amongst the scream of midnight
      Two lovers missing the tranquillity of solitude
      Getting a cab and travelling on buses
      Reading the graffiti about slashed seat affairs

      to myself.

  12. DavidT

    Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have Bruce Foxton because I might never have realised what a savage bass player he is, were it not for The Jam.

  13. Spaghetti Hoop

    I was born too late for The Jam, but when I found them I went at it very hard.
    I’d do 45 rpm in about two hours.

    Some people might say my life is in a rut
    But I’m quite happy with what I’ve got
    People might say that I should strive for more
    But I’m so happy I can’t see the point
    For tomorrow-ow, la la la la…..

    1. I'm "alright" Jack. Mad Jack is on annual leave.

      “Awfully and very hard”

      Did you have a packet of ehh peanuts?

  14. dave

    Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be the Eton Rifles because it is a most eloquent, elegant, angry protest song.

    One so cutting yet catchy it was named by the archetype of the very people it was aimed at as a personal favorite despite attacking everything they stand for

  15. Pedro

    Best track: My ever changing moods. 2 versions… the original fast version complete with brass was great but the slow version with only a piano to accompany is his finest hour. Find it and listen to it.

  16. It Was All A Dream

    Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be…simply the opening lines of Above the Clouds;

    “Autumn blew its leaves at me,
    Threatening winter as I walked”

  17. f_lawless

    All the obvious ones are taken so how about this –
    Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be being a part of Band Aid’s “Do they know it’s Christmas?”.
    With hindsight, it’s easy to knock Band Aid: the wrong approach, dodgey lyrics, damaging Africa’s image etc, but the bottom line is that it was an initiative to raise money in response to an underfunded disaster; it broke through the greedy “me” culture which had taken hold in the 80’s and inspired a communal sense of giving by the people of Britain and Ireland on an unprecedented scale. It became the fasted selling single of all time in the UK and because it’s a Christmas song, will probably outlive any other music that Weller has been a part of!

  18. Joxer

    Saturdays Kids…. that and The Blades Downmarket said everything about British and Irish kids in the eighties.

  19. Leonore Mc Donagh

    Paul Weller’s finest musical contribution would have to be Broken Stones because we are “all just trying to get home”.

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