Last night.

City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2

Sinn Féin members join a protest against  new bin charges outside the monthly Dublin City Council meeting.

Waste collectors will be allowed to offer a range of pricing plans – such as standing, per-lift or per-kilogramme charges, as well as weight-bands or weight allowance charges.

Above from left: Sinn Féin Dublin City councillor Edel Moran, Bernie Doyle and Sinn Féin Deputy Party Leader, Mary Lou McDonald

Dublin City councillors vote against ban on flat rate bin charges (Irish Times)


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19 thoughts on “Bin Féin

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Parp Parp… All aboard the bandwagon.

    There’ll be a different one along soon.

  2. Cillbot

    This protest I’m all for – the pay by weight with greyhound was very high when I was on it. Costing me upwards of 40 a month. Moving house soon so Ill go back to bags methinks.

  3. Anomanomanom

    There is literally nothing to be protesting or moaning about. Everyone has to pay.

  4. Steve

    Pfft. Can’t even sort out their own house out 90miles north.

    Unemployment now 6.3%!!! JOBS JOBS JOBS!! ISEQ up Borders being protected!!! MIGA!!!

  5. ____

    Bin charges, water, all that 32 county nonsense… the shinners are so painfully populist.
    Like the rest of the country really, more tar and a witch-hunt against people on welfare.

  6. Owen

    Good on Sinn Fein! Great how once an issue gets momentum they appear right at the front.

  7. Jake38

    Toot, toot!! All aboard. Running scared from the Trots! Out of my way while I get aboard!! Push over there, Mary Lou.!

  8. TheQ47

    Are these the same pay-by-weight bin charges that we’ve all been paying down this end of the country (County Sligo) for the last couple of years? But now it’s hit Dublin, it’s suddenly a big deal? I didn’t hear the Shinners on Sligo County Council protesting at the time!

      1. TheQ47

        Very interesting, I’m sure, but nothing to do with the bin charges which we’ve been paying for a couple of years.

  9. Otis Blue

    Anyone thinking that transferring waste management functions back to the Local Authority will do anything for efficiency or cost effectiveness is cracked.

    There isn’t a Local Authority in the country even approaching a basic level of competence.

  10. munkifisht

    Lets let everyone get everything for free… free dole, free water, free waste, free roads, everything free, and with no tax. Free free free. The only thing these ****’s are free on is a grip on reality. Morons.

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