41 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Henry Woods

    De World is just about to end and here I am reading de papers drinking tae.
    I don’t really want this part of the world to end.
    I had dreams of being on the front page of de Anglers Times.
    And Broadsheet posting a copy.

  2. Shayna

    I’m thinking, it’s not a great idea to test nuclear missiles near your home, especially if you’re North Korea.
    Also, I see Teresa May has her Tory hat on. Grenfell Tower, let’s sort out who has citizenship, rather than examine the tinderbox.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        one of these days I’ll tell you about the time I met Charles Bukowski. Genuine true story. Big hurling fan by the way.

        1. Shayna

          I’d like a story or two about Hunter S. Thompson. Apart from the fact he left specific wishes to be fired out of a cannon, post-death.

          1. Shayna

            I lived down the road a bit from Ernest Hemingway’s grandson in London, as pretty much all Americans are, he was a Doo Doo.

          2. Happy Molloy

            I met Ernest Hemingway’s son. Went to school in Ireland. But rumored that Arthur Miller is his real Dad.

          3. St.Brendan's@Behanatmemesdotcom

            I personify the dead body of Brendan Behan, in his most drunken state.

            I think I win by default, the three four greatest syllables in the human language.

          4. mildred st. meadowlark

            It’s been more than that. Don’t lie, Brother dear. It’s unbecoming of you.

          5. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I met yer man from Bagatelle and he asked me to stop talking to him as he was on the pull.

          6. Brother Barnabas

            you could be on to something

            Andy, you sure it wasn’t Bono during his podgy years?

          7. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

            I’ve been undressed by Kings and seen some things that a woman ain’t supposed to see…

          8. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Nah. I doubt Bono was at the Rose of Tralee in 1989 or 1990.
            OH YEAH! I went down and camped in Tralee for the festival. As the kids say these days, I can’t even.

    1. dav

      THe north korea test thing is they don’t want to overfly japan, or china, or south korea, so they always try and have it land in the Sea of Japan, near to their shores

  3. Shayna

    I’d just visited the WWN, where it appears I had a conversation with a giraffe, who turns out to be one of the stuck-up varietals of the animal kingdom.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Whelan once again reinforces her suitability. The woman of many blunders. So easy eh? Get it wrong? Sure just change my mind!

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