Shirtless UFC giant Conor McGregor declares a, taut, inked, if light-hearted coup against President Higgins on the streets of Las Vegas Beverley Hills ahead of his bout against Floyd Mayweather.

Mr McGregor is reportedly going to net a ‘purse’ of around $127 million whether he wins or loses.

*kicks own head*


My left hook?

‘Chris Eubank’s valet’ writes:

Does Conor McGregor [in the Mayweather fight promotional material] look like a young Daniel Day Lewis playing Conor McGregor? Just me?

Thanks Jack Jones

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55 thoughts on “Kicking Áras

  1. :-Joe

    If he knocks out Mayweather he will be the king of the fupping universe that is combat sports, sports in general, the media and general entertainment.

    A possible successor to Bruce Lee or a Muhammed Ali if you can believe it…

    G’wan ye mad ‘ting…


      1. RuilleBuille

        This fight (sic) has all the credibility of Rocky Balboa v Hulk Hogan.

        You need to be ten years old to think this is real.

        1. :-Joe

          You’re so wrong… and when you tune in like everyone else you’ll see why.

          I reckon a knockout before the 6th, probably in the fourth if he has any chance or he goes the distance and loses to Mayweather on points like most of the other 49 fighters.

          Either way, McGregor has already won the event and it could still be the greatest fight of all time, Barry McGuigan’s victory times A MILLION !!.

          A superstar already and fair play to him, he did it mostly all on his own.

          You just have to believe in the possible to enjoy it..


          1. RuilleBuille

            I can assure you I won’t be watching this nonsense. No doubt I won’t be able to dodge hearing the outcome but te voilà.

  2. Jimmey Russell

    m&a is trash it’s just two guys pretending to do boxing then they grab onto each other and fall on the floor and roll around on ground for 45 mins a good street fighter would batter any of them

    1. :-Joe

      Nah, this is as close to legal street fighting as you’ll get.

      Most of the fighters are brawlers and there’s a lot of good street fighters who get beaten by the other disciplines involved…

      My only big issue with it is the brutality of the “ground and pound” jumping on them on the ground and repeadedly bashing their heads in for a TKO.

      It lacks the respect, dignity and honour of true martial arts but the people only want to pay to see knockouts and jiujitsu wrestling submissions especially if you’re from the US.


      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I enjoy French boxing more or Thai
        it gets uncomfortable after a certain point for a cut off point

        1. :-Joe

          Muai Thai boxing is so vicious in Thailand that local rivals agree not to elbow or knee each other etc. in certain ways so they can keep fighting again and again without permanently disabling each other and ruining their future and family lives in retirement.

          My favourite martial art is wing chun kung fu.. originally developed by a chinese peasant woman a few hundred years ago… but it’s not really a competitive sport, unless you are 300 years old and you’re into trying to hit women like floyd mayweather keeps doing unfortunately… An amazing defensive boxer, myaybe the all time greatest counter puncher and still a pathetic fool.


          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            ah I am clearly immersed in the French version although Thais decri the European attitude of not respecting the size up of the first 3 rounds..

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            and also still going for it in the last rounds when you should respectfully admit your defeat

  3. bertie blenkinsop

    If 40 years of watching Rocky movies has taught me anything it’s this:

    There will be three fights.

    Mayweather will win the first one in hotly disputed circumstances, a disqualification for a low blow for example, thus necessitating a rematch.

    McGregor will win the second fight, then it’s 1-1 and the third fight is the real one which Mayweather will win easily.

    1. :-Joe

      Nah, I like the idea not the ending….

      I reckon after the draw it turns into Enter the Dragon and McGregor invades Mayweathers island and chaos ensues until everyone is dead and the choppers arrive before the final shot with lalo shifrin playing over the final credits..


        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          “Billy! The other day I went to my girlfriend… I said, ‘You know I’d like a little pussy.’ She said, ‘Me too, mine’s as big as a house!’”

  4. Memes's Ma

    Jacks Joan?
    Is that really you or am I thinking of someone else?

    Chinaman, circa 1992…
    We broke the light in the Gents so as we didn’t have to make eye-contact but I never forget a name.

    1. rotide

      You;re right, an infomercial by the network that is promoting the fight is probably the most honest assesment of this fight going.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      If 27 years of watching Pretty Woman has taught me anything it’s that Rodeo Drive is in Los Angeles…

  5. Owen

    What he does not realise is that everyone out of Ireland see’s him as a reflection of Ireland. Don’t get me wrong, I think his success is fantastic, and more power to him. And the trash talking sells tickets, and is part of his brand…… but if he thinks he can talk big, walk in under the flag, lose, and walk away with respect and money, he is wrong. He uses the ‘Irishness’ in his brand, but I don’t think he realises that comes with an expectation.

    The lads who have come through the Irish ranks understand it, as do those who played any sport to get to the top level. As a boxer, an Irish flag means more then making up the numbers. Like the Cuban flag, or Russian, or US. We are a boxing nation. We have an expectation.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      What expectation is this though? Is it some indefinable, intangible thing that means something different to different people?

      I’m no fan of MMA, and I find Conor hard to take at times, but his work ethic is faultless and his success is unquestionable. So what expectation is it that he must live up to?

      1. Gorev Mahagut

        A lot of people (who know more about this than I) believe that McGregor has no hope of winning this fight, and that his only motive is the enormous pay-check he’ll collect (even when he loses). The suggestion is that his fans will see this as “bringing the sport into disrepute” (don’t laugh, people take this kind of thing seriously). It’s not that mercenary selfishness is wrong, but that it doesn’t look good when you also claim to be representing your country.

        1. Owen

          Well put. If he is flying the flag for Ireland he better realise we want more then to see him get a payday. What Irish man has had this opportunity before? or will again?

          He won’t win. That’s not what I expect. But I do expect him to not make us a laughing stock and quite after 4rds, when he realises what he is in for. Look as Gattii v Mayweather (granted, some time ago).

    2. Nigel

      He certainly seems to represent some version of fragile Irish masculinity working hard to prove itself through bombast and boasting and achieve validation through fame and money.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I’d say that’s masculinity everywhere, not just Irish

        We men are proper eejits 75% of the time

          1. Brother Barnabas

            ah well obviously when I said “men”, I meant aside from bettor

            (*actually, Irish men make great fathers – not such great husbands, though)

  6. dav

    I hope for the sake of his baby Macgregor won’t spend the rest of his days recovering from this bout

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