We’re Back, Baby!



Ronan Emmet writes:

Got this lovely notice from permanent TSB.. 372% increase in bank charges….


G’wan An Post!

29 thoughts on “We’re Back, Baby!

  1. Liam Deliverance

    . . . and a large jar of Vaseline will be sent out to all customers in due course.

  2. Frilly Keane

    ah bless

    PTSB still trying to let on they’re a Banking force

    ffs there’s Credit Unions in Ireland
    bigger than PTSB

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I make no apologies for having my tracker mortgage with them! Would have moved years ago, only I need to keep the tracker in order to afford to keep a roof over my head. Without it, I’d be homeless and I’d honestly fear for my mental health which has had it’s ups and downs recently.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to stay ahead of the posse, Daisy. Hope things will improve for you soon, health wise. Onwards and upwards, me brave little struggler. X

    1. Increasing Displacement

      I was paying 30 something with BOI
      Switched to KBC and I pay nothing plus the benefits of Apple/Android pay.

  3. Talismania!

    To be fair, they’ve given you the solution they’re “gently” trying to steer you towards – the 4€ per month explore account. Now, how that matches with the current account is the question. It probably requires paperless updates, etc.

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      Well €4 per month is €12 per quarter. Cheaper than €18, but still a 315% increase on what the OP is paying now.

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      Thanks Talismania. You’re right – I play a nice old man, but I’m really Katie Hopkins :-~D

  4. Barry the Hatchet

    You can usually avoid charges altogether if you keep a certain minimum amount in your account at all times and/or lodge a certain amount to your account each month. Basically, the poor get shafted (as usual).

      1. Robert

        They still charge a quarterly maintenence charge as well as card duty and a bunch of suspicious unsolicited charges I have as yet been unable to get refunded. Dialogue ongoing with referral to the IFSA imminent.

    1. :-Joe


      Hi BS, what was my last post blocked,,, I was just trying to post a few lines of text?
      Works if the post is just a sentence or two….


  5. :-Joe

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