Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10.45)


Pull up a chair.

Dry your eyes.

Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight with a Housing special at 10.45 streamed live (above) and on our YouTube channel.

Along with the chat we will be launching a new FREE service to hook up decent landlords with decent tenants with the purpose of securing a decent gaff.

We look forward to seeing you later.

Yesterday: Crying Out For A Decent Gaff?

Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly on broadsheet

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8 thoughts on “Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10.45)

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Well go ahead and offer yourself for a go then.

      Otherwise get over it.

    1. badder@memes

      I wish I could plant an agent in Paris.
      Hilton, of course.

      bisted knows what I mean.
      Me and him are mates now.
      He said something about a spit-roast but his mouth was full and I couldn’t make out what he he was saying at the beginning.

      He’s me mate now.
      Just warning you.
      No funny business.

      If you want to talk to him, come to me first.
      If you want to talk to me, go to him first.
      Keep doing that until you fall over.

      Love and Peace, the two best colours in the rainbow.

  1. badderest@memes

    Stop fixing the World.

    Assume a glazed look on your face and pretend you did it already.
    – Like a true Englishman. 1966 etc.

    Or be Irish.
    Get drunk and pretend you don’t give a bollix

  2. badderest@memes

    I remember you kid jensen… my ‘friend’…
    Allow me to expand…

    I was an idiot in the early 70s.
    We hadn’t had our revolution yet
    You bleached your hair blonde, so so did I. (I made my girlfriend do it too. We got a discount. I got her pregnant…)

    HANG ON…
    You’re not the REAL Kid, are you?
    Kid Jensen?
    Radio Luxemburger, n’est ce pas vrai?
    Sous me béte, and say ‘hello’ to your younger brother’s oldest sister.
    Tell her I didn’t really mean it Toto were a legitimate band, not a dog in a ‘movie’. (Film)

    I could ride the hole off of her and not be censored.
    Just sayin’…Not sure who we’re talking about, but yeah…
    Kid, you handsome Sandi Toksvig
    You’re the reason my Father died thinking I was Gay.
    Stop sending me posters,please.
    I mean you get your Bruno Brookes, yer Pat Sharpes, yer Ray Brookes and yer chicks for free.
    Sandie always finds a crevice.
    All she needs is a bettter haircut and I’d bang her meself… Facing away from me… Gaffer tape on her…

    Set my swimmers free baby.
    I love you, but hang on…

    Se you, Kid Jehnsens, or whatever you call yourself…
    Hair parted in the middle…I’ve been watchin’ you.*
    Bleached kinda blonde, but at least you tried..
    I bet you look stupid but I suspect you have sisters.
    Cousins.Ummarried aunties…Effeminate uncles
    Ray Cokes might not have been as stupid looking as you but he had a more appropriate name,

    Play Pat Pon.
    It s not about sex.

    Wait a moment.
    I forgot the G

    Here is a song called Pat Pong
    It’s both filthy, funky, funny, free and none of those two things.

    I’m just trying to make someone smile.
    I would’ve sent her flowers but they cost money and eh… hello?

    I should be too old for this.

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