Sorry Paloma


Paloma Aparecida Carvalho

A petition has been launched urging the Minister of Justice to apologise to Brazilian Au Pair Paloma Aparecida Carvalho who was treated “like a criminal” on a recent visit to Ireland.

Paloma was strip-searched and jailed despite arriving in Dublin Airport with return ticket, accommodation, money and permission to remain in Ireland for up to 90 days.

Judith Goldberger writes:

Obliged if you could help raise awareness of the case of Paloma Aparecida Silva Carvalho and how she was treated at Dublin Airport.

This lady should not only be apologised to, but she should be flown back to Ireland on the Govt Jet and all expenses paid for. They can have my water charges refund to help.

Of course, we know who runs immigration at the Airport: the Gardai. Yet again, questions have to be asked… is there no end.

Apologise for the Mistreatment of Au Pair Paloma Aparecida Silva Carvalho (Update)

65 thoughts on “Sorry Paloma

  1. Co C.

    I presume this isn’t standard procedure for people flying in from Brazil. Does anyone know why the gardai resorted to such drastic action? I would like to think there’s more to the story than this!

    1. Cian

      She previously worked here for 18 months as an Au Pair. If she didn’t have a valid visa for that then the Gardaí would rightly have been suspicious that she was entering Ireland to work illegally.

      1. Casey

        and ehhh…. stripping her naked was to expose her giant tattoo that said “I am here to work illegally in Ireland” yeah?

  2. LennyZero

    Why was she arrested?
    Was she coming on holiday or to work as an Au Pair?
    Strangely one sided articles.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      She says holiday for a couple of months (I think) but only had a grand on here which make the authorities suspicious as that won’t go far in this country. I can only assume her answers to questions were not great and coupled with the fact that any immigration person I’ve seen seems to have serious little-man-with-power syndrome, she ended up there.

      1. The redundant Mickey Twopints

        “…only had a grand on here which make the authorities suspicious as that won’t go far in this country.”

        Paloma is reported to be 24. A grand is plenty to live on for two months, just ask any unemployed 24-year-old in this country.

        1. Malta

          Particularly, as this 24 year old was Gibb to be visiting friends, so didn’t bed to cover accommodation.

        2. Sheik Yahbouti

          Monkey, I couldn’t agree more. All of us “dregs” have had to learn to live on less – and, inexplicably, we do! Effin amazing, if you thought about it.

        3. Anomanomanom

          What unemployed 24 year old do you know could holiday in Ireland for 2 months on 250 week. Its impossible.

          1. Anomanomanom

            who mentioned welfare payments. you cant read can you? If you can holiday in this country, Dublin city especially, on 250 week then your having a shit holiday. Thats lodging paid or not.

  3. milo

    How many people get stopped every day… How many are photogenic? how does this affect how the meejya reports. Bunch of hypocritical sodomites the lot of ye.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      What, Milo? it’s all a set up to make the Blueshirts look bad? Would you ever……

      1. bisted

        …maybe more to do with poor Shane Fein having to cut short his trip and scurry home…just in case, like…

          1. bisted

            …really, do you think so…sadly, I didn’t make it up but I thought it quite clever and was pleased to get it as my Twitter name…a Spoonerism on bitter&twisted …unless you meant the other name…but sure you knew who I meant…

          2. Frilly Keane

            D’mind him Bisto
            Shane Fein is spot-on

            ‘sorry I didn’t come up with it meself

  4. Paps

    Flown back? She hasn’t even left yet..

    and what do water charges have to do with anything mentioned here?

    1. God IV

      Water charge have nothing to do with it. I’m not going to explain any further because you obviously understand what was meant. If you didn’t you’re a cretin.

        1. Tabloid Rag

          I would throw out the money changers
          II would smile and say “lads use a lump hammer next time!”
          III be jsus you have me there

    1. Rob_G

      Manning the desks and what have you – yes, but I doubt that they have powers to detain and strip-search people. That would have to be the Gardaí

  5. postmanpat

    The immigration officers aren’t stupid. She had worked for a family previously for 18 months before. Someone outside the EEA cannot legally work as an Au Pair. And a visit visa only last 90 days. So she may have been working under a student visa during that time. (ie: don’t go to college for that duration) This was the same family or “friends” she was going to stay with again for a “holiday”. Her and her friends/employer are lying. They thought they would have a cheap cash in hand live in child minder for the summer but got a rude awaking last week and now are crying human right abuse and anything else to get plebs on side. Just a note before anyone signs a petition, you are playing into the hands of a rich high fluting upper class family too self important to raise their own kids.

    1. The redundant Mickey Twopints

      Someone outside the EEA cannot legally work as an Au Pair

      There you go talking shoite again.

      Also, “may have”, “lying”, “cheap”, “rich”. All figments of your very limited imagination.

      1. Cian

        “The redundant Mickey Twopints” How can a Brazilian work in Ireland as an Au Pair for 18 months legally?

  6. Jimmy Ireland

    All the talk is about her detention, hardly any about the reason behind it. She violated immigration laws. The procedures in place for such an event were followed. She was searched on the way to her cell as every prisoner is and should be for fear of them carrying something that could be used to injure themselves or others. Once again the lefties are up in arms while twisting or ignoring facts.

      1. Paps

        We don’t know, but since a court application failed to stop the deportation there was solid grounds for it.

  7. Jonjo

    I’ll take her out for dinner as a way of apology on behalf of the country. As long as the Government pays for the dinner.

  8. Rob_G

    So, she rocks up with very little money to support herself, for a two-month holiday, during which she will be staying at the home of her former employer, where she coincidentally used to work as an au pair, coincidentally when the schools are going on holidays and kids would need looking after during the day…

    – do people without visible means of support go on two month holidays often these days?
    – do people typically invite people to stay with them for TWO MONTHS? Do people typically invite former employees to stay for a month holiday?

    Such a strange story they spun between them, immigration were right to be a bit suspicious.

    1. Clampers Outside

      No, no, no… she’s photogenic, she’d never do anything like that. Shame in you for assuming the worst of someone who is pretty and attractive, that racist!

    2. Nigel

      At worse she got strip-searched and jailed for maybe being about to start a nixer. Now that I think of it, they may be rehearsing a new Vaeadker anti- welfare-cheat policy.

      1. Rob_G

        I agree; a more appropriate solution would be to just put her on the next flight home. But she knew the risks and took her chance.

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