The Unforgettable Flyover


Saturday’s Times ireland Edition

Joe Cluxton writes:

4 French planes did a flyover at the U2 concert with green white and orange contrails . Everyone keeps saying it was Irish Air Force. It wasn’t….

French acrobatic flyover during Saturday’s U2 concert

Irish Air Corp flyover during Bray Air Display yesterday



Patrouille Tranchant

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11 thoughts on “The Unforgettable Flyover

  1. Brendan Tierney

    Irish Air Corps not Irish Air Force.

    The Irish Air Corps retired their Fouga CM170 Super Magisters in 1997 (The type operated by the French Air Display team at the weekend.) They were replaced by Pilatus PC9 Turboprop (Propellor) Advanced Trainers.

    The only Jet aircraft operated by Irish Air Corps is the Learjet 45, operated in the Air Ambulance and VIP transport role.

  2. Julie

    U2 don’t pay their taxes in Ireland so it’d be an insult were it the Irish Air Corps.

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