De Cosy Papers


Publishers in the Irish market have now come together to develop their own form of programmatic advertising. If it comes to pass advertisers will pay into a central pot to reach specific audiences.

It is a collective solution to the demands of advertisers used to dealing with the likes of Google and Facebook who want to reach a critical mass of readers in very specific categories.

…..In response all of the major newspapers, including the Irish Examiner, The Irish Times, the Irish Independent, the Irish Farmers Journal and the Ireland edition of The Times, are in talks to form an alliance to stem hemorrhaging advertising sales.

You haven’t heard about this nascent coalition, unprecedented on this island, because the talks have been kept secret in the hope of ironing out a deal acceptable to all parties.


Press hits back in advertising battle (Tom McEneany, The Times ireland Edition)

10 thoughts on “De Cosy Papers

  1. Plyskeen

    This is tricky one; so, currently, there is a very obvious duopoly (up to 99% of the new value, for what I have read, which seems a bit too much alright) in online advertisement between Google (for normal web ads) and Facebook (for social media advertisement). And this is all very dodgy, as the customer (the advertiser) can’t really tell how many of the views and clicks are by real potential customers ( no fake accounts, no bots, etc). Twitter (and others) keeps trying to get a slice of that pie, and keeps failing miserably at it.

    The way for the media to fight it seems to be… by techniques that are forbidden by, paradoxically, antitrust regulators (which seem to be keeping their hands in their pockets about this… so far – at least the EU antitrust commission just fined Alphabet / Google, but for a different reason). Also, this seems to mirror the same move in the States at the moment. Right or wrong, it seems that the media companies do not know what else they can do about it, as both Google and Facebook are in too strong a position for them to do anything about it (the youtube withdrawal attempt about two months ago didn’t hurt Google revenues almost at all).

    TL;DR: get some popcorn, cause this looks like it is going to be fun, either way!

    1. bisted

      …fairplay Plyskeen…another redundant editor…it’s like punctuation pokemon on here these days…but,…could you not have fitted in one of these?

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Well… it’s either this or get used to buzzfeed and salon being seen as news sites….

    That said, one does doff the cap to Broadsheet Towers, and what they do on a tiny budget. But investigative journalism like papers used to do… is being killed off, me thinks.

    I wish ’em well.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      …I should add… I had a scenario in my head of one paper accusing the other of having nothing but click bait on their websites… and the other trying to do real journalism.

  3. Truth in the News

    The way INM is going the best thing O’Brien could do is put an ad on Facebook
    or Google and see who might buy it….or indeed offer to give it away, 20 years ago
    they were able to tell us who to vote for , well payback time has come back to
    haunt them.

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