19 thoughts on “A World Of Debt

  1. scottser

    yeah, i still wouldn’t want to be senagalese or bangladeshi.
    we all partied etc.
    now, where are the keys to my 05 jag..?

  2. It Won't Stand Up In Court

    I thought the Danes were debt free there a few years back?

    Anyway who cares, sure the craic is great

  3. Paul

    is that corrected for how much debt actually belongs to a country or how much debt a country believes its citizens owe?

    1. Downwithdaysul


      The graphic is out of date, indeed.

      Also –

      “Population = 4,773,000”

      No sane person believes that the population of the 26 counties is the CSO figure. It’s significantly higher than that, probably (very rough guess, admittedly) about 10-15% higher.

      1. Cian

        Perhaps – but if I’m correcting someone else’s inaccuracies I can’t add a 15% for good measure! :-)

        BTW why do you think the CSO figure is 15% higher? I can’t think of any reasons why it would be out by 500,000

  4. Gringo

    I see that the Israelis only owe 23.5k.One could make many jokes on this subject, but one fears the reaction of the printnasties.

    1. Downwithdaysul

      ^ Gringo, simply to mention Israel in the same sentence as anything to do with money is in itself a thought crime.

      Clearly, you are engaging in anti-semitic tropes, and I demand that you present yourself to the nearest cop station and make a full confession of your crime.

  5. Truth in the News

    Is this the reason that the NUI gave a doctorate to Cowen because we are the leading

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