A Good Time To Bury Bad News


This just in.

The Department of Housing has published its official homeless figures for June 2017 – more than two weeks late.

The figures show 7,941 people registered as homeless in June 2017, 5,046 adults and 2,895 children.

The overall figure represents an increase of 241 people who have registered as being homeless since May 2017 when there were 7,699 people in total registered as homeless – 4,922 adults and 2,777 children.

The Department of Housing’s report can be read in full here

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14 thoughts on “A Good Time To Bury Bad News

  1. martco

    congrats FG, fine job Simon, hi fives all round

    let’s keep the Hubs/Modules (or whatever yiz are calling cardboard boxes under bridges these days) going!

  2. mildred st. meadowlark

    It’s disgraceful, and the fact that this has been building and building as a huge social issue for the past number of years just shows that the FG government care sweet tootle all about fixing it. They are failing on every level.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    And NAMA will continue to sell swathes of apartments blocks to FG chum Vulture Funds for a few thousand euros who will then evict tenants to double the rents.

    A scaldy fuppin pox on the lot of them for this.

  4. Johnny Keenan

    We should be like sheep to a gap.
    One Out All Out!
    Shut down the city is the only way to get this sorted

    1. I hate everyone

      We’re not already? Can’t pay won’t pay – is that not the same thought process?

  5. scottser

    Ive been working as homeless outreach in local authorities for the past 12 years and next week is my last week – i’m done. Despite working my bottom off and housing as many as i could, the numbers are through the roof. Says it all really, from where i’ve sat all i could see was policy failures, missed opportunities at local and national levels, idiots in charge and absolute hoo hahs out to make a profit.
    Sayonara baby

    1. I hate everyone

      Good man. And as they say in the shtates ” thanks for your service” . What’s the next move?

    2. bertie blenkinsop

      I always had a sense that you were a good egg Scottser and this proves it, fair play and best of luck with whatever path you choose.

    3. anne

      best of luck scottser….you probably know better than anyone what’s going on..says it all that you’ve had enough.

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