22 thoughts on “From The Ivor Tower

  1. Vote Rep #1

    I thought the whole point of Damo & Ivor was the it mocked both types? It wasn’t very good, but it was equal in its p***taking.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Never matched Paths to Freedom.
      Plus, ‘poverty porn’? WTF.
      I thought it was widely acknowledged that mid-level-salaried workers are cash-poor while the low-paid and unemployed seem to get by just fine with a fair few scores in their pocket, wha?!

    2. AnAccountant

      Slagging off the rich and powerful =/= slagging off the poor and vulnerable. I don’t remember it being mean spirited but I can see why some people wouldn’t have been comfortable with it.

  2. Lord Snowflakee

    Who funds, writes and produces this poop? I mean seriously folks – this is public money.
    This scum must be named and shamed.

        1. TellyMacMahon

          Like a young Kevin Myers me thinks. Aim low, like Fintan O’Toole said of Myers the other day.

  3. Harry Molloy


    I feel like I’m missing out that I don’t really get offended easily. It seems to be quare popular

    1. AnAccountant

      Yes, The International Left Club had a meeting last week and made a *Teen* Vogue writer our president AND we gave her the power to declare how we all think.

      So to recap, if someone who works for Teen Vogue says something is racist, the whole world is now legally obliged to agree with her. So sayeth The Left.

      1. Termagant

        The Left has fostered a culture where his kind of thinking is encouraged, don’t think you can just shift blame that easily.

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