Staying In Tomorrow?


Cook Rachel Allen and her son Lucca

On Saturday Night with Miriam

Anne Louise Foley writes:

We have Lisdoonvarna’s famous Matchmaker Willie Daly and his daughter Elsha plus we’ll have Mairead Loughman who runs new dating service Table for Six.

We’ll also have six members of the public taking part in a Table for Six style date live on air.

Celebrity Chef Rachel Allen will be sharing the couch with her son Lucca. Lucca is just 15 years old and is the first Formula 4 driver to come from Ireland. Rachel will be talking about her new TV venture and her latest book.

*eats telly with garnish of butter and rosemary*

Saturday Night with Miriam at 9:20pm on RTÉ One

Pic: RTÉ

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35 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

          1. Lilly

            That’s just a rumour, I doubt it has any basis in fact. If it’s actually true, it’s a terrible indictment on them for all sorts of reasons. I suspect its main purpose was to muddy the waters. Mission accomplished it seems.

      1. martco

        doubt it. its a binary thing, choice made. see it out to the end. let the sleeping dog lie I’d wager.
        gets you thinking though…would you do ANYTHING to protect a there a line?

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    I’m confused and disturbed by the antics on this thread…

    What is the thing?

    I bet it’s not even real.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      It’s definitely a thing. There have always been rumours as to a cover up.
      Just rumours, obv. But very odd.

  2. andy moore

    The’ thing’ could’ve been a case study in family unity & don’t rock the boat !

    1. Lilly

      Or creating uncertainty around a verdict with a view to dissipating guilt. If so, It has been remarkably successful as strategies go.

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