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  1. badatmemes

    Im in moderation.
    I think this is me third year. It might just be a life sentence, but I hold onto that tiny glimmer of hope…

    …the hope that someday…

    It doesn’t matter.

    1. badatmemes

      I’ll NEVER mention anything about ‘moderation’ again, apart from the sex-scandal stuff… if you cop yourselves on, or something similar.
      This is my Trump-Supporter voice. It is the best Trump-Supporter voice on tthe planet, or in Space, or wherever Donald came from…
      I’m in ‘moderation’, but it’s cool.
      I like it.

  2. Moderated@moderated

    Here’s a tip for the weekend…
    E-mail your HR person. Say that you’re suffering from a blockage.
    Tell them you don’t understand it yourself.
    You’ll get at least three days off. You might even get fired.

    Don’t say anything about being in moderation.
    -if anyone asks, just start whistling…
    – light a fire…
    …burgle a Pope…
    …extrapolate an extrapolation, or something…

    Just don’t keep saying over and over that you’re ‘in moderation’.
    Nobody cares.

  3. Notmoderated

    I’m in moderation too, and I disagree.
    – most of the time, not always.

    I agree with the previous gentleman.

      1. Sue

        When I was a teacher in the UK, there were dedicated resources to assist children with special needs. These kids don’t get the help they need in this country.

          1. Sue

            He appears to have quietened down again. That’s often the way with these kids – sudden and prolonged outbursts followed by quiet, almost sedate spells. The calm before the storm – it will happen again. The important thing is to show understanding, not to judge, and absolutely not to respond with frustration or annoyance.

          2. jusayinlike

            Sue correlates commenter with mental illness then asks people not to judge..

            Ardent Molly Martens fan Luke chimes in in agreement..

            Get over yourselves..

          3. Sue

            I also try to be sympathetic towards ignorance and/or stupidity, so I hope this doesn’t sounds harsh. Apologies if it does.

            It wasn’t a judgement; it was an assessment.

            It’s not a mental illness; it’s a condition.

            If you keep your mouth shut, people will only have a vague sense that you’re a fool. Open it and everyone knows.

          4. Luke Warm

            How am I an “apologist” for Martens?
            Show me an example please.
            Maybe there’s a reason why you’re in moderation

  4. Twunt

    Tell them you are following the advise of the great John B Keane: drink in moderation is one of the most ridiculous statements ever made, you must drink a little more than moderation.

  5. Shayna

    Sophie Donaldson in The Sindo has a piece today about “Upskirting”. It refers to an on-going lawsuit where Taylor Swift alleges that a DJ in The U.S put his hand up her skirt at a “meet and greet”. As a consequence to her allegations the DJ was fired. He brought a law-suit against M/s Swift for $3M in damages, which was dismissed in court. M/s Swift has counter-sued to the tune of $1.
    The article drew my attention, as I was a victim of “Upskirting” @4 years ago and brought the case to court. However, the terminology was slightly different – sexual assault was the charge, which was pleaded down to common assault. The defendant received the maximum sentence of a three month custodial term suspended for two years.
    I’m concerned that the process of unsolicited male hands placed anywhere up inside a woman’s skirt has been lent a trendy title. It belittles the shame, humiliation, utter embarrassment and degradation that the victim suffers.
    It’s an under-reported crime by women, and no wonder.

      1. Shayna

        The PSNI charged the guy with sexual assault, The Crown did not accept that there was a sexual nature to the assault? In England, apparently, my particular case wouldn’t even have made it to court, let alone getting a conviction. The same same guy, apparently ended up in prison shortly after his appearance in court, following an assault on his mother. There’s no smoke without fire, I guess.

          1. Shayna

            To be fair, I was entirely tentative about even reporting, but I had a sympathetic WPC who encouraged me throughout. It took 18 months to get to court – I was just relieved when it was all over.

          2. Luke Warm

            Years ago when I was only a kid really I saw a man in a pub do the exact same thing as Taylor Swift suffered to my much older married cousin. It was absolutely horrific to witness as the woman’s sons were my age and friends, it was a real eye opener to the adult, male world.

          3. Shayna

            Sorry about what your young male eyes had to witness, hopefully you’ve grown up a tad more respectful of women than the guy at the wedding.

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