6 thoughts on “Don’t Look Dún

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      The inside of my knees are black and blue from gripping the ladder when I have to clean the upstairs windows….

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Despite a fierce fear, I went on that Carrick-a Rede swinging nightmare, alone I add, when I was but a youth hitch-hiking around Norn Iron. I’d obviously read that oul guff about ‘facing your fears’. Hence the trip, wha? No, really, I needed to do this, at least for the Guinness ad and to wedge in my accomplishment when it came on the telly in the local. The breeze was strong that morning, I had no encouragement from either end, there wasn’t a soul nearby, the waves crashed down below and seagulls screeched overhead with horror, like the sound my instincts were making in my head. I got across and nearly had a heart attack. I admit to making that ‘mmmm…mammy’ whimper half-way across. Then I had to make the long journey back, and before nightfall (plus it was getting cold and I was running out of water and biscuits).

    Never cured the fear. Made it ten times worse. Still have the odd nightmare. Don’t do what doesn’t feel natural.

  2. Harry Molloy

    I totally froze up there. Couldn’t even look at people walking close to the edge.
    Do they not realize that certain death is a footstep away!!!

  3. dav

    I think that’s Dún aengus. Went there years ago, looked over the edge and all. Played football and at the end watched as somebody kicked the ball over the edge (it was one of those cheap ones). I’ve had nightmares about that ever since, either chasing after the ball or watching as somebody else chased after a ball going over a cliff.
    Funny how the mind works..

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