Make Ireland Great Again


Independent Senator Gerard Craughwell

Independent Senator Gerard Caughwell has said there must be an election for the position of President of Ireland .

Craughwell took to Twitter on Sunday night to say he was putting his name forward to ensure there is a contest.

A presidential election is due to be held in October 2018. However if no-one contests the election, current president Michael D Higgins could be given a free run at a second term.

During the 2011 presidential election, Higgins repeatedly pledged that he would only stand for a single seven-year term. However since being elected, the president has refused to rule out the possibility of a second run for Áras an Uachtaráin.


53 thoughts on “Make Ireland Great Again

    1. Steve

      ha – I just asked something similar on Twitter. Will he get travel vaccinations if he has to go abroad as President?

  1. bisted

    …Squee represents the last vestige of old labour and the FFers and blueshirts realise they need them to avoid the horrible vista of a merger, or worse, having to share power with the shinners…Craughwell is the first of many stalking horses…will the ‘centre’ hold…popcorn

    1. A snowflake's chance in hell

      That’s pretty much true, but a bit like Hydra they do tend to grow a new snake somewhere, (or was that Medusa)

  2. Owen

    I’d say Gerry Adams is only chewing at the bit to announce his ‘potential interest’. And as the house prices are raising faster than the nations cholesterol, again, Berti might be back with a fighting chance.

    All to play for.

    And sure Bono is always on the bench keeping limber.

  3. Nigel

    That’s got to be the stupidest reason to run. I’d rather a candidate like an Irish Lord Buckethead run for the absurdity of it than for dreary pretensions about principles.

  4. nellyb

    Don’t discount Bono, he has a great chance if he wanted to. Adored at home and abroad. Non-resident tax president. Why not?

      1. nellyb

        Better even, president and a moral beacon. Two for the price of one!
        Inauguration could be fabulous – fireworks, himself performing own inauguration song, cathartic Clinton wiping tears on the background. It could be epic. Hope he runs and wins.

  5. Andrew

    Isn’t Miriam the person people want? According to RTE anyway. If she wants it, they will make it happen.
    I think Panti Bliss should get it.

    1. RiderOnTheStorm

      s/he would run away with it if she grew a Conchita Wurst-style beard…….would go lovely with presidential sequinned gown

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        It took me a moment to decide if you meant Miriam or Panti.

        If Miriam grew a beard, it might disguise her lack of personality.

        1. Boj

          A beard on Miriam may take attention away from those wanderly-baby-blues
          And Panti…YES S/HE CAAAAAN (go and *****)!

    1. RiderOnTheStorm

      s/he would run away with it if he ran in (you guessed it)……….a lovely presidential sequinned gown

  6. Hoy

    He said he was running after reading Elaine Byrne in the Business Post. He has a point, 14 years is a long time for one man as Pres

  7. postmanpat

    “Higgins (a politician) repeatedly pledged (lied)”…..this is why I don’t vote in elections. Never have , Never will. They will say anything and are only in the game for the money,they don’t care about the public good. Higgins did nothing , absolutely nothing for the first 6 to 8 months of his presidency except some obscure poetry reading seminars or some such nonsense. Now comes this guy Gerard Craughwell? Never heard of him.

    1. LW

      If you don’t vote, you can’t hope too much for change. Granted, voting often seems a bit hopeless too.

  8. Spaghetti Hoop

    Seven years is enough for Prezzing around. It was shocking that McAleese was not contested – it should have been a mandatory election. We pay them remember.

      1. Frilly Keane

        I’d vote for Johnny Peace Man Keenan before Panti
        Or anyone else already named on this string

        1. Brother Barnabas

          I suspect you’re joking, Frillz. But I think Johnny would be a great president. It would almost make me stay in Ireland.

          1. Luke Warm

            Surprised you’re not campaigning for badatmemes Frilly. Sure he’s like one of the hunger strikers to you or the Birmingham Six.

          2. Frilly Keane

            Damn right

            You won’t see or hear Batty go crying off and sulking
            Or rounding up a gang
            Or squealing
            Or threatening to name names

            He’s no empty shurted Snowflake

    1. LW

      We do pay them, but we also pay for the elections. Cheaper to leave them stay. Also, full disclosure, I like Michael D

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Would you not be more proactive and vibrant knowing you had a well-paid prestigious job for a seven year term as opposed to fourteen? Many of the complaints about the pre-Robinson presidencies were that nobody ever saw their Head of State and the assumption was that the role was a semi-retirement vegetative one. Hence, keep it at a snappy seven years maximum – invite the people to choose one for each term and everyone’s happy, involved and on their toes.

        1. LW

          I dunno, if you’re trying to save money, paying one person a wage, instead of one a pension and another a wage seems like a better way to achieve it.

          In terms of being proactive and such, I don’t think there’s a whole lot you can do as President? Show up to events, offer condolences and congratulations as appropriate. I think Michael D has been good though, in fairness, he’s at least tried to speak out on issues of the day

  9. Frilly Keane

    Imagine like

    If Leo gets the boot
    And that’s not too much of a stretch
    To be fair like

    I’d say he’d run

  10. RuilleBuille

    I’d be very unhappy if a person who swore allegiance to a foreign country became President.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            Recall hearing that he was 5 years in the British army and then 4 years in Irish army – technically a breach as you’re not supposed to be admitted to the Irish army if you’ve previously served in armed services of another state.

  11. LW

    Can anyone declare an intention to run? I thought you needed to have a minimum number of senators, or a party behind you or something?

  12. Otis Blue

    I’ve no particular view on Michael D one way or another. But apart from not embarrassing the Nation, can be point to any notable achievement in office?

    1. Declan

      Easter speeches were brilliant – they’re available (or were on iTunes).

      The presidency isn’t an executive role, he can’t announce flood relief plans or a new factory in Bally somewhere. He’s success is the moral presidency he’s leading similar to the previous two Mary’s

      1. Andrew

        let’s not forget his praise for socialist dictators with scant reference to their human rights abuses.
        To twee their not abuses if they’re lefty abuses.
        You can’t make an omlette……….

  13. Declan

    He’s actually a great president and fulfills the moral role it’s become. I’m surprised at all the negative comments here. He’s speeches during the Easter Ceremonies which thoughtful and respectful. He does a lot of outreach. Roll on an election and people will vote for him in their droves.

    That said, I haven’t read Elaine’s column yet so I’m sure she has a few points however I’d prefer Mr D over anyone in it for the term (Gallagher at the last election springs to mind) or who want to use it as a platform for themselves (let’s see who else declares for it)

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