10 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Fully Keen

    The Irish Sun.

    A new low.

    South American papers who show dead bodies usually leave it to page 3 or 4.

    We are better then this.


    1. postmanpat

      But IDIOTS still buy it. Even the people that were KILLED probably have a few old IRISH SUN NEWSPAPERS lying around the house. The sentences are nice and EASY to read for people of a low reading level. In fairness though, the Times and Indo articles are just as bad these days. The only difference is they don’t SHOUT words they think IMPORTANT (not yet anyway). They reprint articles from other papers, the grammar and spelling is wrong on almost every page and they feed into this new property bubble with their supplements like its 2006 again. Considering the widespread harm that that causes, shameful is a relative word.

      1. DavidT

        Some people find it difficult to think.

        Which is a problem because you can’t read The (Irish, whatever) Sun without thinking, “What is this poop?”

  2. Catherinecostelloe

    That homeless guy in court for stealing from injured bomb victims in Birmingham is one cool customer for sure. Imagine in middle of dead, bloodied, injured and distressed and cool enough to rob. #U#K#R.

  3. Smith

    Bodger, please remove The Sun’s frpnt page. In fact never show again. I’m sure your readership won’t mind.

  4. Zoella

    Irish press photographers are so imaginative. All these inane pics of leaving cert students ‘jumping for joy’ with their results.

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