26 thoughts on “Digger Warning

  1. Brother Barnabas

    “Slabs of concrete surrounding the former Central are being ripped up to be replaced with what we know not.”

    Alongside the ripping up of grammatical standards.

  2. Paps

    wait and find out.. or go to the county council offices and request a copy of the publicly accessible plans..

  3. andy moore

    What are they doing to my former homestead ?? I saw an application which doesn’t sound to bad (Arcade.art-space & rooftop restaurant ) . Though given Hines activities out this way in Cherrywood their promises don’t happen quickly ?? Some element of social housing should be included & could brighten up a sometimes windy dark spot !!

    1. Jonjo

      There’s no housing going into the building, why would they add some social housing?

      Unless you make it a requirement of all office/retail developments.

  4. dav

    It’s to help in the placing of obstacles to prevent homeless citizens from sleeping near the building that helped to create their plight.

  5. Brother Barnabas

    Wasn’t the original idea that the steps and front of the Central Bank would be open and accessible as a public space? The railings were added a few years later because of anti-social behaviour, if I recall correctly. Assume the lessons from that will be applied to the design of the College Green plaza.

  6. theflorist

    Well it’s obviously bad.. I mean when has anything good happened when it’s the private sector.. protest now!

  7. Custo

    Let’s hope it’s those granite slabs that are impossible to walk on in the rain / damp / mist / ice / autumn / spring.

    They’re great.

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