In University Hospital Galway


University Hospital Galway

Dara Bradley, in the Connacht Tribune, reports:

A woman lay dead, undiscovered for up to 10 hours, in the toilet of a city hospital.

The deceased, believed to be a Polish national, was eventually found in a disabled toilet on the ground floor adjacent to the Emergency Department of University Hospital Galway.

The woman was not registered as a patient of the hospital, or the Emergency Department. It is understood she was a member of the public, and entered the building without the knowledge of hospital staff. A probe is underway into the death.

It is understood she may have fatally hurt herself, possibly accidentally, while inside the toilet and the alarm wasn’t raised until 10 hours later when it was being serviced.

The toilet was locked from the inside, a hospital source said.

Dead woman in hospital toilet was not found for 10 hours (Connacht Tribune)


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13 thoughts on “In University Hospital Galway

  1. phil

    So the Hospitals attitude is, not our problem , not surprising really …

    Something has gone very wrong in this society. I spend a lot of time in hospitals as I developed a serious condition a few years ago , In the past, I would have been very supportive of Hospitals and people working in that area, mainly because I wouldnt fancy that work myself, I imagined it to be challenging and noble work , but I really didnt know anything about it until recently, from what Ive seen and the experiences I and the patients around me have had, its just all very depressing. Funding is surely part of the problem, but the biggest issue in my view was the staff and their attitude to the work , Ive met some excellent interested practitioners but they were very few and far between…

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      Sorry, where on earth did you get that from? The hospital hasn’t said anything. They haven’t released a statement. How can you possibly know what their attitude is?

      1. petey

        +1 barry.
        i’m not sure what i’m expected to make of this. a tragedy surely, but the cryptic description in the article is more prurient than anything else.

  2. Joe

    really highlights the poor checking on toilet facilities in the hospital. toilets in McDonalds get checked every few hours. Would expect toilets in hospitals to be checked hourly.

      1. Boj

        Such insensitivity shown here, yet you are up in arms by some ‘anti-gay’ (as you labelled them) comments. Go and have a chat with yourself.

        1. Girls will be Girls

          Oh yes because those two issues are exactly the same.

          Why shouldn’t the poster go to McDonalds for help with his aneurysm? They have clean toilets!

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