7 thoughts on “Rent Ablunder

  1. dav

    Bravo fg, you have managed to bring the country back to the brink of another property bubble collapse.
    At least bertie had the excuse of being corrupt, what will yours be?

    1. Andrew

      But there is no bubble according to many commenters I’ve seen. The reasoning is that there is no credit bubble and this is just supply shortage.
      I wonder though, with all the printing of money that has been going for 7 years and zero per cent ECB rates how can this not be credit related also? Funds are looking for growth and property offers that. The question is, what is the tipping point/ There has to come a point where people just can’t pay anymore.
      Fine Gael and Fianna FaĆ­l’s measure of success seems to be rising property prices. People with property vote for that.
      Ultimately it is delusional and short termism.
      It’s dreadful that we still have no leaders with vision.

      1. Bookworm

        Rising property prices have eased the national debt crises and raised the balance sheets of pension funds and financial institutions

        Accordingly the country can borrow more and cheaper to fund all the dolies working in the public sector who then vote for the government who etc etc

  2. Otis Blue

    I have to say I’m really surprised by this.

    I was certain that Eoghan Murphy pictured with tie loosened and sleeves rolled up, looking pensive and concerned would have sorted this by now.

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